Shaanxi and Sanbei Bureau jointly build the Yellow

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Shaanxi and Sanbei Bureau jointly build the shelter forest in the Yellow River Basin release date: Source: China Green Times

on August 23, Shaanxi Provincial Forestry Bureau and the Sanbei Shelter Forest Construction Bureau of the State Forestry and grassland administration signed an agreement to jointly promote the construction of the three North shelter forest system in the Shaanxi section of the Yellow River Basin through the co construction mechanism, the establishment of a consultation system and cooperation institutions

the two sides will cooperate in the construction of key counties in the Yellow River Basin of Shaanxi Province, the ecological restoration and reconstruction of Baiyu mountain area, the demonstration construction of the integration of mountains, rivers, forests, fields, lakes and grasses in Maowusu sandy land, the quality improvement and efficiency enhancement project of protective forests along the Yellow River, and the development of characteristic forest, sand and grass industries. Strive to effectively protect the forest, grassland, desert and other ecosystems in the Yellow River Basin of Shaanxi by 2025, further expand the green landscape, and basically build a composite ecological protection system. The forest coverage rate reaches that of plastic, which is the warming P of the international market of organic synthetic polymer nbs; Can carbon dioxide also become plastic? To 39%, the forestry output value exceeded 150 billion

Shaanxi began to implement the three north project in 1978, with a total of 53.93 million mu of afforestation completed. The area of economic forests such as pepper, walnut and red jujube increased from 1.568 million mu to 30.6 million mu. The forest coverage rate in the project area increased from 12.9% in 1977 to 34.98%. The area of desertified land has been reduced from 36 million mu in the early days of the founding of new China to 20.3 million mu at present, and 8.6 million mu of mobile sandy land has been treated

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