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Speaking with numbers: Shaanxi Automobile Co., Ltd. handed over its excellent report card

the transformation period of the heavy truck industry is also a reshuffle period of the industry, and the development of road transportation has boosted the heavy truck market to a certain extent, and also imperceptibly changed the market. Shaanxi Automobile grasped the pulse of the market and met the needs of users. In the first half of this year, it performed well in the field of logistics and transportation. Let's use figures to look at the excellent report cards handed over by Shaanxi Automobile in the past six months, because there are only five months left in 2016. In the limited space left by the market for Shaanxi Automobile, we should work hard, seize the victory and pursue it, and forge ahead towards the annual goal. On July 22, the 2016 Shaanxi Automobile heavy truck mid year marketing summit with the theme of "gathering confidence, constantly striving for self-improvement, and striving for innovation" was held in Yan'an, the old revolutionary base. At the meeting, Shaanxi Automobile handed over the "report card" of the first half of the year, and also announced the plans for the second half of the year with two types of wear measurement methods

the truck market has become highway transportation. According to the data, 340000 heavy trucks were sold in the truck market in the first half of this year, with a year-on-year increase of 14.8%. Among them, tractors accounted for 55%, with a year-on-year increase of 1%; Trucks accounted for 25%, with a year-on-year increase of 1.5%; In contrast to these two, the proportion of dump trucks and special vehicles has both declined. Although the share increase is small, there is no doubt that the pattern of the heavy truck market is still changing from engineering vehicles to road vehicles: a-experimental acceleration (m/s2)

as for Shaanxi Automobile, this trend is particularly prominent. Yuan Hongming, chairman and Secretary of the Party committee of Shaanxi Automobile Holding Co., Ltd., said in a speech at the scene: "we need to improve market sensitivity, because some markets change very quickly and the cycle is very short, and fundamental changes may occur in oneortwo years. If we do not change ourselves and cannot seize the opportunity, we may lose the initiative in the market."

the sales of trucks surged by 140%

Shaanxi Automobile has always been good at engineering vehicles. Since last year, in order to cope with the changes in market demand, Shaanxi Automobile has gradually increased product research and development and promotion in road vehicles and tractors. In 2015, Shaanxi Automobile launched the golden version X3000. Once this car was launched, it achieved sales of 5000 vehicles in half a year. In the first half of 2016, it sold 12000 vehicles at one fell swoop. Behind the sales is the recognition of more and more users

in the first half of this year, Shaanxi Automobile truck sales increased by 140%, accounting for 11% of the overall sales, while 6 × 2. The sales volume of tractors ranks first in the industry. You know, this is not easy for Shaanxi Auto people who have been digging into the engineering dump truck market, but with their keen insight into the market and rapid transformation and adaptation, Shaanxi Auto finally successfully completed the adjustment of product structure

the sales of dangerous chemical vehicles soared by 150%

in addition to traditional road transportation, the development of dangerous chemical logistics, cold chain logistics and other market segments in recent years has also brought great challenges to car enterprises. However, if the challenges are turned into opportunities, it will be another key turning point for car enterprises

in the first half of 2016, the sales volume of Shaanxi Automobile dangerous chemicals increased by 150%, which is amazing. However, the leader of Shaanxi Automobile sales company said that previously, although Shaanxi Automobile has made efforts in the transportation market of dangerous chemicals, the cooperation with domestic mainstream refitting plants still needs to be strengthened, which also means that Shaanxi Automobile still has a lot of room to rise in the transportation market of dangerous chemicals, and strengthening close cooperation with refitting plants will be one of the priorities of Shaanxi Automobile in the second half of the year

the implementation of the new deal promotes the rise in demand

national policies and regulations are also a stimulus for the heavy truck market. With the implementation of the "national five year plan" emission standards, the revision of gb1589 and the rigid demand brought by the replacement of yellow standard vehicles, the demand of the heavy truck market will also increase

first of all, in the face of the continuous upgrading of emission standards, Shaanxi Automobile always keeps up with changes. Before the full implementation of the "national five year plan" emission standards, it has taken the lead in completing the national five year plan product layout of high-power tractors, trucks, muck trucks and sanitation vehicles, and is ready to meet the "national five year plan" era

secondly, the replacement of yellow standard cars will continue to affect the heavy truck market. It is estimated that the market demand in Wuhan, Changsha and Fuzhou in the second half of this year is about 1000, while the demand in Shenzhen, Nanchang, Baoding, Changzhou, Guangzhou, Harbin, Xi'an and other places is more than 20000

thirdly, gb1589 has been revised again, and the implementation of the new standard is bound to drive the sales of heavy truck market. For Shaanxi Automobile, it will usher in new opportunities in the express, cold chain and other van markets, as well as the sedan and other large capacity stowage truck markets

It is understood that the state plans to complete fixed asset investment of 4.7 trillion yuan in, and 2016 may become the year with the largest investment. National investment and construction in transportation, water conservancy and other aspects, as well as the recovery of real estate investment in some areas, will directly affect the market sales of engineering vehicles. Therefore, there will be a certain increase in engineering vehicles in 2016. In addition, with the second half of the year, Dong Mingzhu's reasons for supporting lithium titanate are as follows: long service life, further improvement of agricultural and sideline products, port market, and the development of seasonal and regional industries such as grain and coal, road vehicles will also face a new growth period. How can Shaanxi Automobile seize this opportunity

it is understood that in the second half of the year, Shaanxi Automobile will focus on the promotion of natural gas products in Shanxi, Henan, Shandong, Beijing Tianjin Hebei, Huning and other regions; As a strong dump truck product, it will launch exclusive products for Tibet and the southwest region; In addition, Shaanxi Automobile will strive to make 4 × 2. High horsepower products have successfully entered the express market, making 6 × 2. The position of tractor in agricultural and sideline products, express delivery, cold chain and other fields is more stable, making 8 × 4 the tractor has a good performance in LTL logistics, express delivery and cold chain markets

Shaanxi Automobile will continue to follow the four main lines of "marketing transformation, market segmentation, customer management and market opportunities", pay attention to the new opportunities brought by the Internet reform for marketing, improve the market share of highway logistics vehicles, reform the operation mode of special vehicles, and seize the operation opportunities of dump trucks

at the 2016 business conference, the theme set by Shaanxi Automobile was "strong transformation, cultivate segmentation, attract customers and seize opportunities". Now it seems that Shaanxi Automobile has seized the opportunity to realize the transformation from engineering dump trucks to road vehicles. It has also emerged in the segment market and has been recognized by more and more new and old customers for products and services, he added: "but

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