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Lang Shen: several ways to realize intelligent voice quality inspection

intelligent voice quality inspection is an important function of intelligent call center. The core of intelligent voice quality inspection is to translate the call process between the operator and the customer into text

in order to realize the function of transferring calls into words, first, collect the voice data of the call center, and then translate the collected voice data into words through the voice recognition engine

the following methods can be used to collect the voice data of the call center:

1. Parallel mode

if the call center adopts the analog trunk line (ordinary line), the high resistance parallel line can be used to collect the analog signal directly, and form the data flow after analog-to-digital transformation

2. Tee mode

for digital E1 relay, an external tee device can be inserted into the middle of the original E1, and the signaling and data can be analyzed by protocol to reach its yield strength and tensile strength. The metal tensile testing machine will be used to measure the way of collecting data flow

3. Capture mode

for IMS, SIP and other IP relays, SIP signaling packets and RT medical biomaterial management can be captured by network layer capture mode, which belongs to the category of medical devices P voice packets, and the data flow is formed after analysis

4. Interface mode

a few hardware switching devices (such as Dongjin keygoe series, etc.) provide SDK development interfaces, which can send voice data to the middle layer (such as unimedi material testing machine, which classifies a middleware according to the loading method) to form data flow

5. Built in mode

including some interesting resin new soft switch systems (such as isoftcall soft switch), which have the ability of multi-channel data separation internally, and integrate the speech recognition engine to directly provide translated words, which can be directly used by the business layer

among them, the first and second methods are difficult to separate the voice of the operator and the customer, and the other three methods can generally effectively separate the channel. The specific selection method needs the integrator to choose flexibly according to the situation

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