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Road maintenance "panacea": case s series skid steer loaders

road maintenance "panacea": case s series skid steer loaders

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the statistical bulletin shows that by the end of 2014, the total mileage of roads across the country had reached 4.4639 million kilometers, including 111900 kilometers of highways. With the increasingly perfect road traffic network, China has ushered in the first peak of the road maintenance industry

nowadays, the requirements of traffic pressure on road quality are increasing, and the road maintenance standards are also rising. The highway management department clearly feels that the traditional construction equipment can no longer meet the heavy pressure of road maintenance. Therefore, skid steer loaders with high efficiency, specialization and multi-function are gradually favored by road management departments, among which case s series skid steer loaders have the most popular reputation

road maintenance projects are complex, and the case skid steer loader equipped with different accessories is a well deserved "panacea", which can be applied to all aspects of maintenance projects. Equipped with milling machine, grader, mixer, crushing hammer, closed sweeper, road wire puller and other accessories, case s series skid steer loader can complete the milling, pit filling, cover, remixing or resurfacing of loose materials and other work plans in road maintenance operations. When installing accessories such as weeders and trimmers, 23.77 million new market entities were set up in China, which can complete the work of turf maintenance and green shoulder pruning. During roadside maintenance, S-Series skid steer loaders equipped with grass collectors, tree shovels and other accessories can remove hay in time, prevent fires, and replant roadside trees

in addition, after heavy rain and ice and snow weather over the years, case s series skid steer loaders are the main force in the major national highways and high-speed emergency repair projects

Yunnan Province of China enters the rainy season around July every year. High temperature, rainy weather and exposure to the sun cause great pressure on local road maintenance. To this end, case engineering machinery rushed to control the constant displacement before the rainy season, and kicked off the tour of skid steer loaders with accessories in various highway sections in Yunnan, contributing to the maintenance of rainy season highways in Yunnan Province

on May 28 and June 3, 2015, case engineering machinery held a demonstration of slip belt accessories in Anning highway management section and Nujiang highway section respectively. More than 100 guests from relevant departments of Anning highway management section, Jinning highway management section and Shilin highway management section attended the meeting. During the event, the guests were interested in a wide range of accessories and spoke highly of the efficiency of case s series skid steer loaders equipped with accessories

With powerful power advantages, efficient output mode and flexible and compact structural design, case s series skid steer loaders have become a necessary "partner" for highway maintenance operations. Moreover, with the expansion of application fields and with different accessories, it is gradually applied to the construction fields of municipal administration, landscaping, winter snow removal, building demolition, port terminals, shipyards, animal husbandry and other industries

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