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Tuhu car care and Tencent social ads released the 2018 report on online maintenance behavior of Chinese auto users

tuhu car care and Tencent social ads released the 2018 report on online maintenance behavior of Chinese auto users

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on January 25, tuhu car care and Tencent social ads released the 2018 report on online maintenance behavior of Chinese auto users (hereinafter referred to as the report). With the help of tuhu's leading position in the maintenance market and Tencent's big data advantage in social advertising, the report made a joint analysis of the consumer groups and consumption data of online vehicle maintenance in 2017

the transportation administration bureau of the Ministry of Public Security announced on January 15, 2018 that as of the end of 2017, the national car ownership had reached 217million, including 170million small and micro passenger cars (private cars) registered in the name of individuals. At present, the average vehicle age in China is about 4 years. The "high warranty + vehicle age" two wheel drive promotes the profit point of the entire automotive industry chain to "post" transfer, and also indicates that the era of online vehicle maintenance is quietly coming

"the automobile industry needs to be in awe. China's automobile industry has entered a new era of high-quality development." Shi Jianhua, Deputy Secretary General of the China Association of automobile manufacturers, pointed out in the "Imagine 2020" part of the report, "under the guidance of this awe, and with the joint efforts of new thinking, new models and new participants, I believe that the future of the automotive aftermarket will be more standardized, professional, standardized, healthier and more energetic, and contribute to the prosperity of the automotive society!"

young consumers account for a high proportion, with apple holding more than 50%

Tencent social advertising tuhu car care joint analysis shows that male users have become the absolute main force in the field of car care, which may indicate that men have more initiative than women in car care. In the analysis of the proportion of age, young consumers aged 18 have become the absolute main force, accounting for more than 50% in total

in addition, among online maintenance people, the proportion of people who own a higher priced apple is more than 50%, followed by domestic brands Huawei and Xiaomi. In the analysis of the proportion of academic qualifications, holders of bachelor's degrees account for more than 60% of the car maintenance population

in terms of geographical distribution, online maintenance consumers are concentrated in developed coastal areas and Beijing. The proportion of users in the whole country is basically proportional to the general index of "Internet +" digital economy in the region, that is, the acceptance of Internet is high, and the proportion of online maintenance consumption is also high. In addition, Tencent social advertising tuhu car also analyzed some interests of online maintenance consumers, and found that the types of apps they are most interested in are cars, life and travel, the reading areas they are most concerned about are Internet, and their favorite tourist destinations are developed countries such as Germany, Japan and France

online maintenance consumption has increased sharply, and the maintenance business has increased by more than 100%

according to the statistics of tuhu car maintenance big data and tuhu Research Center, the report shows that the online maintenance consumption service of cars increased rapidly in. Among them, the maintenance business is growing rapidly, and more and more vehicle maintenance users begin to choose the new integrated vehicle maintenance method of online order and offline maintenance

in the ranking of orders of online automobile maintenance brands, tire and maintenance business occupies the "home" of online maintenance consumption. Among them, tire brands occupy 8 places and maintenance brands occupy 7 places. The top three brands favored by the most popular online car maintenance consumers are Mahler (mainly filters and other maintenance parts), Michelin (tires and car products) and Goodyear (tires and car products)

in terms of car brand adaptation, Volkswagen brand takes the lead in the car series adaptation with the highest thermal performance of plastic materials in plastic thermoforming processing (14.01%), while Audi brand also ranks in the top ten, indicating that online maintenance is increasingly popular with high-end car brand owners

annual top selling list: a hundred brands of tires and maintenance compete

the report also makes a detailed analysis of the main categories of tires, maintenance and vehicle products consumed in online vehicle maintenance

among the tire categories, the top three best-selling online brands in 2017 are still Michelin, Dunlop and Goodyear. Among them, Michelin surpassed Dunlop to win the first place in the market segment for the first time since its independence in 1923, and the German horse brand entered the top five on the list. In other aspects, Goodyear and Jiatong tires performed relatively smoothly, maintaining the third and fourth places among the top selling brands in 2017

the report also estimated the price of tires and cars, and the global carbon fiber composite market was 941billion yen (based on the analysis of the correlation degree equivalent to about 49 billion yuan converted at the current exchange rate, it is found that there is a very strong correlation between the consumer price of tires and the price of cars. For example, in the price range of yuan, yuan and yuan, the top three major consumer models are Volkswagen, Honda and Toyota; while in the price range of more than 1000 yuan, the top three major consumer models are BMW, Mercedes Benz and Volkswagen.

in terms of maintenance products, in terms of engine oil maintenance products In the brand ranking, the most familiar "Meijia shell" of Chinese car owners has entered the top five positions in the ranking. However, American shengpai engine oil and Japanese Chuguang engine oil, which entered China late, also entered the top five with strong product strength and user reputation, becoming the biggest highlight in this year's engine oil brand list. Among the best-selling maintenance brands in non oil category, Mahler brand from Germany ranks first, followed by Bosch and 3M brands

in terms of vehicle products, among the main popular product categories, the elongation at break or elongation at yield given in gb13022 (9) 1 "test method for tensile properties of plastic films"( ε T tire pressure monitoring, on-board electrical appliances, glass water, storage box, chassis armor, and foot mats have become the best-selling product categories in their respective categories. It is worth noting that the current importance of safety seats does not seem to be confirmed in the ranking list. In the category of self driving safety, safety seats only rank fifth, and the sales situation of the category is even inferior to that of self driving camping products

automobile maintenance services are becoming increasingly standardized in a "new context" or accelerated implementation

in addition to analyzing consumer groups and behaviors, the report also invited celebrities in the industry to discuss the market environment and automobile maintenance consumption in 2020

Shi Jianhua, Deputy Secretary General of China Association of automobile manufacturers and chairman of the post Market Committee, believes that compared with the mature international automotive consumer market, China's automotive post market still has a lot of room for development

Zhang Minyi, vice president of Tencent social advertising, pointed out that the innovative social advertising marketing model will become a new link between hundreds of millions of car owners and brands, and will continue to bring us new possibilities and promote the implementation of the new context of Internet social networking

Dong Xu, assistant president of Analysys, pointed out that with the four modernizations of cars and the penetration of users' mobile terminals, the integrity of human and vehicle data will be further improved, which provides data support for the maturity of AI technology and accelerates the application and popularization of AI in after vehicle services

about Tencent social advertising:

based on the 1billion users of,, Tencent video, Tencent and other ports, Tencent social advertising connects people and businesses, shares social ecological energy, and improves the efficiency of digital marketing. Let advertising begin with an in-depth insight into the crowd, and finally move the target audience and the resulting actions

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