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Robam/boss 67x5+58b1+727t Yuejie smoke range elimination set starts with comments, feeling

robam/boss 67x5+58b1+727t Yuejie smoke resistance is also good, and the range hood disinfection cabinet with large suction is also good

new products are launched, one click stir fry 19 cubic meters, 4.2kw

first use feeling: big brands are trustworthy, very satisfied from purchase to delivery, tight packaging saves a lot of things for some enterprises, and customer service has been patiently introducing, Help choose the right products for us. Very satisfied. Wait for a period of time to review

after using for a period of time, evaluation:

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robam/boss 67x5+58b1+727t Yuejie smoke range elimination set

boss smoke range elimination set model: 67x5+58b1+727t

intelligent type: Alibaba Xiaozhi

range hood model: 67x5

exhaust volume of range hood: 18 cubic meters/minute

color classification: Yuejie flagship version

fuel type: Natural Material of control panel of gas-liquid gas range hood: tempered glass structure of gas range hood: embedded installation position of gas range hood: top suction service in the same city: door-to-door installation in the same city after-sales service: national joint insurance type of smoke range hood set: smoke as long as you master the following 10 dim sum electrical quantity, you often need to enlarge it to get a combination of smoke range hood

type of smoke range hood: European style

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