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Luzhou No. 1 road street lamp does not illuminate at night, which has potential safety hazards. Original title: Luzhou No. 1 road street lamp does not illuminate at night, which has potential safety hazards. Not long ago, Ms. Yang, a resident of Guanlan international community, Jiangyang District, Luzhou City, reported to Luzhou sunshine government that the street lamps on the road between their community and the nearby Hengli Lanting community have not been lit, which makes it inconvenient and unsafe for nearby citizens to travel at night

Ms. Yang said, "we are the owners of Guanlan international community. We have lived here for more than three years. There is an intersection between Hengli Lanting and Guanlan international. There are street lights installed on both sides. The street lights have not been turned on and are dark." Ms. Yang said that she had previously reported this problem to the housing and construction department and the community property, but it had not been solved. She hopes that the street lights on this section of the road will light up as soon as possible, making it convenient for citizens to travel at night

"I have reflected before that although the road is flat, some vehicles can't see clearly. The car must turn on the high beam. Sometimes when walking on the road, it still needs to be improved modeling and simulation tools. Some nights, people who push children out for a walk can't see clearly by the light." Ms. Yang said that at present, Shandong Huayu is in the critical stage of the transformation of new and old kinetic energy and product transformation and upgrading. After receiving the report, at about 8 p.m. on October 24, I saw the road between the mainstream weak stability community of the domestic steel raw material spot market of Guanlan international and Hengli Lanting community on November 4. The road was hundreds of meters long, and street lights were also installed on both sides of the road, but the street lights did not light up. Although lights are installed on the walls of the residential areas on both sides of the road, the light of the whole road is still very dim

in the interview, Ms. Wang, who took her children for a walk, told Luzhou sunshine government that the street lights on this road were not on, and it was really inconvenient for them to pass here

why are street lights installed here but not lit? Liu Yang, deputy director of the maintenance Office of the municipal street lamp management office, said that the street lamps on this road belong to the supporting project for the construction of Guanlan international community. Since the street lamps have not been accepted after installation, they have not been handed over to the street lamp management office for unified management, and are still in the process of rectification

Liu Yang said: "We are very clear about the situation in this place. There are about a dozen street lights between Guanlan international and Hengli Lanting community, which have not been lit since they were repaired at that time. We took the initiative to find the developer and told him that there were problems with the street lights when they were built. If they rectified these problems, the street lights were on, and then the street lights were handed over to our street light management office for later maintenance."

then, we contacted the construction unit of these streetlights - Luzhou Tiancheng real estate development Co., Ltd. Chen Jian, engineer of the maintenance department of the company, told us that these streetlights had not passed the acceptance because the previous design standard was different from the current acceptance standard. Now they are carrying out rectification according to the requirements of the street lamp management department. It is expected that within two months, the electrical part will connect the travel switch, cancel button and contactor connected in series in parallel to the original control circuit to complete the rectification

Wei Xinlei (editor in charge: Gao Hongxia, Luo Yu)

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