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Technical measures for road traffic safety

road traffic safety technologies include road traffic safety design technology, road traffic safety monitoring and detection technology, and road traffic safety rescue technology

1. road traffic safety design technology

reducing accidents from the source through design is the best means to ensure traffic safety. Road traffic safety design technology includes road alignment design, pavement design and safety facilities design

sign the investment agreement. The design of 22 route shapes should consider the coordination between the alignment and the regional land use. At the same time, the road alignment should be continuous and coordinated, and can meet the requirements of construction, maintenance management, economy, transportation and other aspects

in order to ensure safety, the pavement design should have a certain degree of flatness and roughness. The smoothness of the road directly affects the driving stability, comfort, tire wear and so on; In order to prevent automobile water skiing, the pavement also needs to maintain a certain roughness

the design of traffic safety facilities should be based on road traffic signs and markings (GB 5768 1999) and the industrial standard of the Ministry of transport, technical code for design and construction of highway traffic safety facilities (JTJ 0 sets up more than 900 international standard booths 741994), and a perfect traffic safety facility system should be set up. Among them, the roadside safety barrier can prevent runaway vehicles from rushing out of the road and colliding with roadside obstacles or other facilities. Its setting is mainly based on the severity of roadside accidents, and it is laid intermittently. The specific layout location is: the road section with embankment filling height greater than 3m; There are dangerous sections such as rivers and ponds on the roadside; The triangle at the entrance and exit of the interchange and the outside of the small radius ramp; There are structures that need to be protected on the roadside (piers, large sign posts, emergency, etc.); The minimum length of roadside guardrail is 70m

2. road traffic safety monitoring and detection technology

road traffic safety monitoring and detection technology is divided into two categories, one is based on accident avoidance monitoring and detection technology, and the other is based on maintenance and repair maintenance and diagnosis technology

the monitoring and detection technologies based on accident avoidance mainly include:

driving alarm system. Vehicle accidents caused by driver fatigue or inattention are very common. To solve this problem, we can monitor the steering wheel input and vehicle position to check the driver's status, and give the driver a warning through stimulation, so as to correct the driver's status in time and reduce accidents

visual enhancement system. In order to maintain a good and clean view of the windshield in rainy days, measures such as precipitation protective film should be taken; In order to solve the problem of blind area vision, additional measures need to be added to the existing lighting system

vehicle traveling data recorder. The vehicle traveling data recorder is a digital electronic recording device installed on the vehicle, which records, stores, and also requires the electronic universal experimental machine industry to display and print the vehicle running speed, time, mileage, and other status information related to the vehicle running safety. These recorded information plays an important role in curbing serious traffic violations such as fatigue driving and vehicle speeding, preventing road traffic accidents, ensuring vehicle driving safety, and improving the level of operation and management, and will provide raw data for accident analysis and identification

vehicle guidance system. The vehicle guidance system is a technical extension based on GPS. The guidance system can select the best traffic route through signal stations and satellite signals according to the driver's destination, traffic intensity and other environmental factors, so as to improve traffic efficiency, save travel time and benefit traffic safety

speed control system. In order to keep a certain distance from vehicles running on the same route, vehicles should be equipped with speed control devices. The device can adjust the vehicle speed so that the following vehicle always keeps a correct distance from the vehicle in front, so as to reduce the driver's labor intensity and avoid accidents

detection and diagnosis technologies based on maintenance and repair mainly include:

vehicle detection. Vehicle inspection is to inspect the technical condition and working ability of vehicles, and the purpose is to judge whether the technical condition of vehicles is at the specified level and whether it reaches the qualified index. The inspection contents include: side slip inspection, braking inspection, speedometer inspection, headlamp inspection, noise inspection, CO inspection, smoke inspection, etc

road maintenance. Regularly check the load capacity, pavement roughness, flatness, etc. of the road, and regularly maintain the subgrade and pavement to maintain the safety requirements of the road. Regularly clean the road and keep it clean; Sprinkle salt or add anti-skid chains when it snows or the road freezes; Subgrade damage, pavement collapse and depression should be repaired in time

maintenance and management of safety facilities. The road safety facilities should be maintained regularly, and the damaged parts should be repaired and replaced in time. Roads with incomplete or no facilities should be added in a planned and step-by-step manner according to the nature, technical grade and use requirements of the roads. Such as the maintenance and management of guardrails, traffic signs, traffic markings, barriers, anti dazzle facilities and line of sight guidance facilities. In addition to the daily patrol inspection, the experimental software of the universal testing machine (auto parts testing machine) should be upgraded for free and checked regularly. If it is found that it is damaged or loose, it should be repaired or replaced in time

3. road traffic accident rescue technology

road traffic accident rescue includes accident investigation and rescue

traffic accident investigation includes four parts: accident classification and classification, the purpose of accident investigation, the method of accident investigation, and the content of accident investigation

accident rescue includes accident rescue organization, accident rescue equipment, accident rescue procedures and other elements

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