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Highway greening maintenance workers: drink at least 5 kilograms of water for half a day to repair the lawn

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Xintang section of Laoya highway, Yaxi street, Gaochun District, Nanjing. In order to beautify the traffic environment and complete the basic nature of the design of the 10000 ton process package, fiveorsix highway greening maintenance workers are using lawn mowers to trim the shoulder lawn. It is understood that this is the high temperature season in summer, and it is also the time when lawns and other weeds on both sides of the road grow most vigorously. In order to ensure a beautiful road traffic environment, the local road management department organized workers to trim the lawn on the shoulders on both sides of the road on that day

ruizhengguo, a maintenance worker, said that in order to avoid the high temperature these days, they worked for half a day from 5:00 to 11:00 every morning. However, everyone had to drink at least 5 kilograms of water for half a day, and now they were all wet. In particular, the workers with shoulder mowers work harder. A mower also weighs about 30 kilograms and needs to be pushed forward on the pockmarked lawn. Ordinary people really can't operate it. Because of the uncertain direction of the lawn mower, master Rui had to wear long sleeved trousers to prevent their skin from being scratched by gravel and straw. In summer, Rui can't have the situation of pressing the line. Shifu, what makes them uncomfortable is that sometimes it splashes into their eyes accidentally. It's really uncomfortable. They can't open their eyes for several minutes, can't stop crying, and have to wear protective glasses. However, master Rui has long been used to it, and the sweat on his head flows into his eyes. He will wipe the sweat in a moment, and the towel that wipes the sweat for a long time will also wring out a lot of sweat. Sweating and drinking more water, each of them brought enough boiled water during working hours and drank it when they were thirsty

when asked about the difficulties of working in high temperature days, Rui Shi was able to go home safely for a happy new year. Fu Hanhou laughed and said, "hot is hot, but in fact, they are used to it."

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