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In 2017, Jilin Province plans to invest 10.71 billion in highways On February 24, the 2017 provincial highway management meeting was held. Shen Ruifeng, director of Jilin Provincial Highway Administration Bureau, concluded that in 2016, the investment in highway development was 10.93 billion yuan, with 5158 kilometers of new highway mileage and 10.5 million total highway mileage 250000 kilometers in recent years

in 2017, the provincial highway development plan completed an investment of 10.7 billion yuan, including 7.95 billion yuan for highway construction and 2.75 billion yuan for highway maintenance. The investment of ordinary national and provincial trunk roads is 4.3 billion yuan, and the construction of 21 projects is 830 kilometers (including 405 kilometers of 12 projects to be continued and 425 kilometers of 9 projects to be newly started), and the construction of 14 new projects can not be effective for 5 kilometers in a short time; The Liaoyuan Dongliao section of Yichang Kaifeng Expressway invested 350million yuan to complete all subgrade, bridge and culvert works

the investment in rural roads was 3.3 billion yuan, an increase of 64% over the previous year. 3400 kilometers of rural roads were newly reconstructed, 1544 kilometers of security projects were implemented, 184 dangerous bridges were reconstructed, and 2500 natural villages were added to connect hardened roads, with a connection rate of 76.2%. Among them, 1.69 billion yuan was invested in poverty alleviation through transportation

the maintenance investment of ordinary national and provincial trunk roads is 2.63 billion yuan, and 614 kilometers of large and medium-sized reconstruction projects (the reconstruction of the driveway pavement in 24 overload control stations and 19 toll stations), 1251 kilometers of security projects, the reconstruction of 12 dangerous bridges, and the remediation of 116 hidden disasters such as the dan'a line have been implemented

120 million yuan was invested in post disaster reconstruction, 26 kilometers of flood damaged road sections were rebuilt, 71 bridges were repaired, and the task of post disaster recovery and reconstruction was fully completed

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