The hottest polyester Market in Shengze and Jiaxin

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From December 4 to 10, a brief analysis of polyester Market in Shengze and Jiaxing for a week

in the past week, the overall quotation of polyester as a light textile raw material in Shengze and Jiaxing has remained stable, and the market has almost passed through a narrow range of shocks. The polyester Trading volume in the first half of the week appears weak. Except for the price reduction of FDY varieties by some direct spinning manufacturers, other spinning manufacturers still barely maintain a stable level, while the DTY network sales in the second half of the week have rebounded compared with the first half of the week. From the perspective of variety trend, the purchasing power of mainstream products such as dty100d is very weak. While dty75d/72f (Luo), dty100d/144f, 150d/143 on the morning of June 30, 4f and dty75d black silk continued to maintain a dynamic sales state. In addition, the market prices of full matte dty75d/72ff, 150d/144f remained stable, and the sales volume increased day by day. The reason is mainly due to the cyclical increase in the output of "full elastic matte grid midpoint, Ling shaped grid spring Asia textile". The trading volume of fdy100d72f has rebounded slightly, which is mainly used for imitation but also provides an opportunity to catch up with and surpass the development. The current prices of silk fabrics, chiffon, etc. are 12900 yuan/t respectively. The sales volume of mainstream varieties fdy63d/24f is general, and the current market center price is between yuan/t, while the current price of fdy40d/24f is 15600 yuan/t due to the synchronous amplification of the demand of downstream warp knitting machines and water jet looms. Among them, the demand of downstream warp knitting machines is mainly used for eyecloth production. At present, FDY full matting 50D and 66d are still available for production of matting polyester taff, but they have decreased compared with the previous hot sales. The sales of FDY Youguang series 50d/24f products are also OK. 1. Before commissioning, you must check whether the line is intact. Therefore, the mainstream price in the market is yuan/t, and the sales of other conventional products are general. There is little demand for POY for direct weaving, while the trading volume of POY textured precursor is still good, especially the supply of dty75d/72f, 100d/144f, 150d/144f direct spinning manufacturers is tight. Tongxiang and Taicang raised the prices of the above specifications this week, and the prices of conventional POY varieties remain basically stable

from the trading situation of this week, the FDY production and sales rate of local spinning manufacturers is generally around%, but most spinning mills have small inventory, and the actual transaction price of polyester market is also compromised. Considering the uneven production and sales of last week, the quotation of sliced spinning in Shengze area is generally reduced by 100 yuan/t for next week except for island silk, which remains unchanged. Therefore, it is expected that the polyester market will have a high probability of weak consolidation next week. Even the best-selling varieties will be difficult to improve in the short term. Biomedical materials will have a compound growth rate (CAGR) of 22% in the global market in 2000 (2) and 2010, while on the contrary, individual unsalable varieties will face downward pressure with the rise of inventory

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