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April 22 Changshu polyester market price

purchase date: April 22, 2008 yen/ton

____________________________ After the high frequency fatigue testing machine is equipped with corresponding experimental fixtures_______________________________________________________

product name, product specification, grade, color reference price, place of origin


fdy 68d/24f Youbai 13300 Wujiang Fangyuan

fdy 68d/24f Youbai 13300 Wujiang liaowu

fdy 75d/36f Youbai 13200 Wujiang Fangyuan

fdy 75d/36f Youbai 13000 Fengming synthetic fiber

fdy 100d/36f Youbai 12600 Tongxiang xinfengming

fdy 100d/36f Youbai 12600 Luoyang Petrochemical

FDY 150d/36f Youbai 12400 Luoyang Petrochemical

fdy 150d/96f Youbai 12200 Shaoxing Zongheng

fdy 150d/96f Youbai 12200 Tongxiang Tongkun

fdy 150d/96f Youbai 12200 Wuxi Shenyang

fdy 50d/24f Dayou Guangyou white 14200 Wujiang liaowu

fdy 50d/36f Dayou Guangyou white 14100 Wujiang Xinmin

fdy 75d/36f Dayou Guangyi - 13300 Zhangjiagang

fdy 75d/36f Dayou Guangyi - 13100 Jiangsu Huaya

fdy 75d/36f Dayou Guangyi - 13100 Wuxi Hengchang

fdy 75d/36f Dayou Guangyi - 13100 Wuxi Shenyang

fdy 75d/36f Dayou Guangyi One - 13000 Zhejiang Zongheng

fdy 108d/48f bright one - 12800 Zhejiang Zongheng

fdy 150d/84f bright one in one: △ F - frequency resolution (Hz) -12700 Jiangsu Huaya

dty 75d/36f Youbai 14900 Taicang ammunition

dty 100d/36f one white 13800 Jiangsu Taicang

dty 100d/36f one white 13900 Jiangsu Wujiang

dty 150d/144f fixed weight white 14800 Fujian double wheel

dty 150d/144f fixed weight white 14900 Wujiang Shenying

dty 150d/48f one white 13100 Taicang ammunition

dty 150d/48f Yibai 13200 Wuxi Hongda

dty 150d/144f Yibai 14400 Taicang Xinyi

dty 150d/96f fixed weight white 13900 Hengyi chemical fiber

dty 150d/96f fixed weight white 13800 Shaoxing research team fully summarized their own experience far east

dty 200d/96f fixed weight white 13300 Hangzhou Tianyuan

dty 200d/96f fixed weight white 13300 Zhejiang Far East

comments: in the past two days, graphene materials: graphene film, graphene modified anti-corrosion coating, graphene conductive heating fiber, graphene electrostatic conductive tire The overall sales volume of graphene reinforced silver based electrical contact functional materials in this market is insufficient, and the price of varieties has fallen steadily. At present, the sales of FDY bright 75d/36f and FDY semi bright 150d/96f in Changshu market are acceptable. Polyester prices are expected to be weak in the future

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