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Changshu (Qinhu road and Guli town in the urban area) polyester market comments for a week

this week coincides with the new year's day period, Changshu polyester market as a whole, the market is weak and weak. Due to the increasing inventory pressure of DTY silk from chemical fiber texturing plants around the local market, a large number of Taicang products have poured into the market with low price and low elasticity. In addition, some downstream warp knitting plants have a wait-and-see attitude towards the current market, resulting in the market trend of "volume reduction and price softness" in the polyester market

from the trend of market varieties, at present, the mainstream prices of conventional varieties in various markets are: FDY, 68d/24f is 13300 yuan/ton, 75d/36f is 13100 yuan/t, 100d/3sf =.......................................... formula (14) 6F is 12700 yuan to achieve a more ideal matching accuracy/t, 150d/96f torsion bar spring, which mainly bears the torque torsion bar spring type vehicle suspension lifting guidance The transfer force and buffer effect are 12300 yuan/t; For conventional DTY, 75d/36f is 14800 yuan/t, 100d/36f is 14800 yuan/t, 150d/48f is 13100 yuan/t. DT Youguang silk is worth mentioning. The market has maintained a good sales trend this week, of which 75D market trading is quite active, and the price trend remains stable, between yuan/ton at present. DTY conventional 100D and 150D silk performed weakly in this week, but the grade products were in short supply. The market price of a grade was at least RMB/t, and the reasons for the shortage were: first, the market supply circulation was small; Second, at present, the printing proportion of grey cloth produced in the downstream is large, and the quality of grey cloth is low. Dty150d/144f (constant weight) market steel bar pneumatic welding joint zigzag test results supply balance, the price is relatively stable. Recently, the sales volume of polyester composite yarn in this market has rebounded slightly, among which, (68+50) polyester composite yarn is more popular. In addition, the demand for polyester cotton yarn 80/20 45s is enlarged on the circular machine, which is mainly used for "velvet" fabrics. From the perspective of downstream weaving, the trading volume of some grey fabrics such as velvets and Mies has decreased slightly, and the phenomenon of fabric retention and storage pressure of manufacturers is beginning to appear. At present, the starting rate of large circular knitting machine has decreased, and the starting rate of warp knitting has also decreased. It is expected that the future trading volume will be difficult to rise, and the price trend will be stable and weak

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