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In depth introduction: which is the best performance of the coworth ds35 and ds37? What's the difference

the raw materials of two world vanadium products, covos ds35 and ds37, are mainly from vanadium titanomagnetite. The main differences are as follows: first, the listing time and appearance are different. The ds35, which was launched earlier, has a silver black appearance. The covos ds37, which is newly launched later, has a quiet gray appearance; Second, the noise levels are different. The noise of the coworth ds37 is dB, and the noise of the coworth ds35 is dB. Relatively speaking, the coworth ds37 is quieter. Other functions and configurations are the same

kevos ds37 Jingdong's latest quotation and comment details "hopes to help you compare

details of advantages and disadvantages of kevos ds35 user reviews "for your reference

covos ds37

covos ds35

II. Comparison of quotation and comments between covos ds35 and ds37:

1. Covos ds37

reference price: ¥ 2899.00

user comments: very good. The floor dragging ability is indeed a key link in the promotion and utilization of new materials. The cleanliness rate can basically reach 98%. Especially under the dining table, there are a lot of chair corners and there is not enough space for the small section to work. I didn't expect that he could basically achieve the goal of cleaning up by wandering around below. However, the ability to mop the floor is a little insufficient. After all, it is recommended to work back and forth with a little water and a piece of rag. It is suggested that a thorough cleaning should be carried out first, and then the small section should be dragged and swept every day to maintain hygiene. In this way, the ground can be basically clean and the burden of housewives can be greatly reduced

2, 1. Classification according to the movement mode: kevos ds35

reference price: ¥ 1759.00

user comments: Overall, it is good. I have experienced the function of sweeping the floor and sweeping the floor, but my home may be difficult to sweep. The robots in the sofa and coffee table area can't sweep. They always want to climb, so they basically use the advantage of graphene single-layer atoms to replace the slope of traditional materials. In addition, the electronic scale on the ground is pushed far by the robot, The dust in the corner is not easy to absorb, but the open space is clean! Overall five-star praise

III. summary:

the corvos ds35 and ds37 are new and upgraded versions of 2019. They have little difference and similar functions. The main reason is that the ds37 is quieter. You can choose one of them according to your needs and preferences Tmall view more popular model recommendations

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