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Stuck between freedom and health, Sardinia's COVID-19 dilemma - Today News Post News Post || Euro News:

Italy is heading back into lockdown this Easter as it struggles to contain the third wave of COVID-19The Moderna vaccine. Sardinia, an Italian island, has also had this restriction imposed upon it, despite being one of the only regions in the country to hold the virus at bay.

Like many other European countries, Italy has a colour system that reflects the level of risk from the virusTracking progress o. If a region is red, it”s in the highest risk category and thus has the most restrictionsRead more of Megan Ogilvie. White is the lowest risk level with the most relaxed restrictions.

For some weeks, Sardinia was in the unique position of being in a COVID ‘white’ safe area. This is partially due to its insularity, small population and a thorough screening campaign. As the rest of Europe was starting to shut down, Sardinia was opening up. This is now changing.

Stefania is a resident of Carloforte, she tells us what it means to be in a white low-risk zone. It’s a relief because they can “finally move around the region freely”. Marisa, another local, says it means “being more outsideThe Dartmouth General hospital in Dartmouth, N.S. on Monday, May 10, 2021., going for longer walks, meeting peopleshe says., stopping and talking with them”.

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