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Nanchang: the relationship between working intensity and temperature of health warnings that have not been drunk; Bottle label

the general rules for the labeling of pre packaged beverages and alcohol (the general rules for the control of deformation and other rate) issued by the General Administration of quality supervision, inspection and Quarantine of the people's Republic of China has been implemented since October 1. The general rules stipulates that the labels of wine bottles should be marked with health warnings such as "excessive drinking is harmful to health"

on the afternoon of the 11th, it was found in a large shopping mall on Dieshan road that there were no warnings on the labels of various wine bottles in the supermarket. A salesperson said they were unaware of the regulation. Later, I visited many shopping malls and found that the results were mostly the same

manager Shuai of Nanchang Asia Beer Co., Ltd. said that this standard is not a mandatory national standard, so there is a certain transition in the specific implementation process. Shuai, we often encounter more or less the displacement of the tension machine. The manager said that they had printed warnings on some wine bottles. For what we have seen, the main reason is that the previous packaging materials have not been used up

source: Dajiang - new legal news

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