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Nandu Futures: Shanghai Jiao once fell by the limit, and the future market is not optimistic

Wenhua finance and Economics (Ji Fang) -- under the background of the U.S. market closure today, Tianjiao came out of a round of sharp decline. Tokyo Jiaotong led the decline in the morning, falling back in the morning, and the decline intensified in the afternoon until the 10 point limit. After the small-scale test of Shanghai Jiaotong in the morning was blocked, it fell violently throughout the day. It fell by the limit at one time in the late trading, and finally opened the limit to close under the short-term closing order

buy. Indeed, from the perspective of the trading volume of the three central rubber markets in Thailand, the average volume in the past week has been about 300 tons, significantly higher than the previous situation of more than 100 tons. The size of the trading volume can be considered as the lowest volume that some customers can provide to the market after buying the machine, indicating that although the supply in Thailand is still tight, the tension has eased slightly in recent years, and the support for the rubber price is weakening. Tokyo glue also showed signs of weak growth in the past two days, but it is abrupt that Tokyo glue is resolved in such a violent way today. Judging from the main positions of Tokyo Jiao yesterday, okachico., the main short seller, Ltd. increased its position by about 900 hands, continuing the recent trend of short selling main force to increase its position, but it is not known whether there is any action of short selling main force to continue to increase its position and suppress it today. Generally speaking, if Tokyo rubber adjusts in such a violent way, the market will continue to fall in the future. Therefore, the rally started by Shanghai rubber is likely to die in the short term. Pay attention to the changes in the spot market and the performance of major industrial varieties after the opening of the U.S. market

53194 deals were made in Tokyo rubber market. The anti-skid performance of elastopan in the benchmark December rubber closing ensured greater grip at 301.2 yen/kg, down 10 yen (the Tokyo industrial products exchange stipulated to enter July, and the maximum price limit on the day of non spot month contracts jumped to 10 yen). The turnover of Shanghai Jiaotong stock exchange was 305568, and the position decreased by 2758 to 60560. Spot goods closed at 25000 yuan/ton in July, and the main rubber closed at 25595 in September, down 1045 points

in terms of spot goods, the average transaction price of No. 5 glue in the domestic agricultural reclamation e-commerce market today fell by 1.4% to 25704 yuan/ton, with a total transaction of 130 tons; The FOB quotation for the export of No. 20 glue in Malaysia still rose slightly today, with an increase of about $10 to $per ton

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