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Nanchang Decoration Association: be vigilant against the concept of paint merchants' random play

Nanchang Decoration Association: be vigilant against the concept of paint merchants' random play

December 27, 2006

in the building materials market, "environmental protection, antibacterial, green, health" is almost a necessary signboard for every paint manufacturer. Businessmen talk about it one by one, while consumers are still confused. In this regard, Nanchang decoration industry association reminded: do not fall into the paint trap

a dealer in the paint Market told that paint products are different from other consumer goods. Even if they are produced from manufacturers, they are only semi-finished products. Only when it is painted on the wall or the surface of utensils can the paint complete the whole transformation process of commodities. However, ordinary consumers do not have the knowledge and experience in this regard. It is this situation gb/t11352 (2) 009 general engineering cast carbon steel parts, which makes many consumption traps appear in the coating market. According to the operating procedures of the concrete anti dry crack testing machine, some coating enterprises exaggerate, even make false propaganda, and fabricate various new "concepts" to attract the attention of consumers

nowadays, more and more plastic processing enterprises in Nanchang are buying the so-called universal experimental machine "universal" experimental machine. Director Chen of the municipal decoration industry association said that coating consumption is not a simple buying and selling process. Due to the professionalism of coating product application, only comprehensive guidance and services can be given to consumers in the process of coating use. The fundamental reason lies in the attitude of manufacturers. Manufacturers trust their product quality so that consumers can understand consumption. And consumers should have a long mind when buying coating materials, and don't fall into the coating trap

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