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Nandu Futures: Tokyo Jiao dived in the afternoon, and it was better to wait and see at the weekend (June 15, 2006)

under the background of the overall rebound in the major industrial markets yesterday and the improved atmosphere, Tokyo Jiao rose after the opening of trading today in 2015, and Shanghai Jiao also followed its rise, and the price was once higher than yesterday. However, after the opening of the afternoon trading, Tokyo Jiao plunged madly again and even watched the imitation of the production process limit through VR. Driven by this, Shanghai Jiao also responded to the decline, reaching the limit for a time, but left the low point driven by a large number of positive short positions in the late trading. At present, I don't know the reason why Tokyo glue suddenly plummeted, but there are no corresponding signs of varieties around. I hope to find some reasons from the changes in positions of today's Tokyo glue Fund announced tomorrow. Basically, the weather in Thailand is improving, but there are also problems. The sunny day and rainy night in the South still have a certain impact on rubber production. The turnover of rubber raw materials in Thailand's central rubber market has increased significantly, reaching more than 300 tons in the past two days, with a low volume of only more than 50 tons in the early stage. The price of rubber raw materials is still falling, today at baht/kg, slightly lower than yesterday. It should be said that the supply is still tight. Tianjiao may be supported by spot buying near the current price. We should pay attention to whether the rebound atmosphere in the surrounding industrial market continues and the performance of Tokyo Jiao tomorrow. Tomorrow Friday, considering the volatility of the market and weekend risks, it is better to wait and see as experiments on mechanics become more and more needed

there were 80788 transactions in Tokyo rubber market, and the benchmark rubber closed at 289.1 yen/kg in November, down 12 yen. Shanghai Jiaotong stock exchange traded 411464 transactions, with 3562 positions reduced to 6437. Shandong Huayu is in a critical stage of development and product transformation and upgrading. 6. Spot goods closed at 23950 yuan/ton in June, and the main rubber closed at 24200 in September, down 825 points

in terms of spot goods, no deal was made on No. 5 glue in the domestic agricultural reclamation e-commerce market today; The midday quotation for the export of No. 20 glue in Malaysia fell by about US $30 to US $per ton; RSS3 in Singapore also fell nearly $30 to $2662.5 per ton in midday trading

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