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Nandu Futures: Tianjiao jumped high and continued to maintain range shocks

encouraged by the rise in crude oil and the sharp rise in gold, on March 10, Tianjiao jumped high in the two markets, starting computers and printers, forming a gap, and all the bears involved below were covered. In the short term, bulls will not easily give up their rare price advantage, and the support of the gap may be more effective. However, it is still difficult to grasp whether Tianjiao can rise sharply. Although it is difficult to see obvious negative pressure, it is now understood that there is still pressure on the production process of cars, and traders are still actively shipping. Therefore, the short-term market may still lack the cooperation of obviously beneficial fundamental factors to launch, and it is likely to continue to maintain range shocks. It is better to keep light positions and small quantities by continuing to hold low-level multiple orders

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