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Nanbao resin develops elastic thermal insulation paint to assist Sichuan disaster areas

Nanbao resin develops elastic thermal insulation paint to assist Sichuan disaster areas

August 29, 2008

[Chinese paint, but this has little impact on the price (except door type) information] August 2 and cannot meet the requirements of high-precision measurement. On the afternoon of August 7, a truck loaded with special paint set out from Nanbao resin (China) Co., Ltd. located in Kunshan, Jiangsu, Drive to the disaster area in Sichuan. Eight days later, we will arrive at Cangkou Town, Dujiangyan, to "paint" the local plank houses. It is reported that the special coating has the characteristics of anti bacteria and cooling, which will make the victims more comfortable to lie in the temporary "new house"

Nanbao resin (China) Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Taiwan Nanbao resin group, settled in Kunshan Development Zone in 1997 and mainly produces Nanbao resin coatings, a well-known brand in Taiwan's resin coating industry. In 2005, it won the first batch of Chinese brands of "interior and exterior wall coatings"; In 2006, it won the title of "national inspection free products"; In 2007, it won the designated brand of Olympic environmental construction project, and its products are mainly sold in Southeast Asia. After learning of the earthquake in Sichuan, all staff paid close attention to the disaster situation, disaster relief, reconstruction and other developments in the disaster area, and organized several donation and relief activities

not long ago, general manager Sun Decong learned from his Taiwanese business friends in Sichuan that the local weather is hot, and the majority of the elderly in a community in TANKOU town are living in plank houses, which is very uncomfortable. Hearing that sun Decong can't sleep, this is because Sinopec will adopt the earliest production technology and research and develop new production technology, energy conservation and emission reduction standards to promote the optimization and upgrading of the base. The reconstruction of the disaster area will take a long time. Sun Decong thought that he could not just wait and do something for his compatriots in the disaster area. After knowing the local situation in detail, sun Decong had an idea

since last year, Kunshan has begun to guide the transformation and upgrading of Taiwan funded enterprises. Nanbao responded positively and successfully developed Nanbao elastic thermal insulation coating independently. The coating uses the principle that the reflection of ceramic microspheres to sunlight to reduce the surface temperature of the coating, adds special pigments, and uses the low thermal conductivity of glass microspheres to achieve the effect of heat insulation in summer and winter, and has obtained the high-tech product certification of Jiangsu Province

in the morning of the next day, sun Decong immediately summoned his elite soldiers and ordered the production of coatings more suitable for plank houses in disaster areas on the basis of Nanbao elastic thermal insulation coatings. After being made, it is painted on the surface of huts made of different materials, such as brick houses, glass houses, iron houses and plank houses, which were previously built for the experiment. Long term observation and 24-hour data records are made. According to several experimental data, the 1.2 mm thick coating can reduce the room temperature by 9 degrees Celsius, achieve the cooling effect, and has the characteristics of bacteria and mold resistance, acid and alkali resistance, breathable and waterproof, green environmental protection, cold and frost resistance, pollution resistance and so on

subsequently, sun Decong personally supervised the work, and the employees rushed to produce special coatings for 20000 square meters with high quality. The company will also send a professional construction team to the disaster area to finish painting as soon as possible, so that the victims can live in new houses with appropriate temperature and fresh comfort as soon as possible. Sun Decong said, "in the future, we will continue to do our best to provide assistance to compatriots in disaster areas."

anyone who has been to Nanbao will remember that colorful factories are like a fairy tale world. When the people in the disaster area fall asleep safely in the "new house" painted by Nanbao, they may also dream of a beautiful dream

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