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Nan'an valve has broken its cocoon and become a butterfly.

Nan'an is one of the birthplaces of China's private valve industry. Over the past 30 years, more than 200000 valve sales troops in Nan'an have traveled all over the country, mastering about 70% of the country's valve sales. This huge army of valve marketing gave birth to Nan'an valve manufacturing industry. Up to now, Nan'an valves have gone abroad and are exported to the sea. Nan'an is one of the birthplaces of China's private valve industry. Over the past 30 years, more than 200000 valve sales troops in Nan'an have traveled all over the country, mastering about 70% of the country's valve sales. This huge army of valve marketing gave birth to Nan'an valve manufacturing industry. Up to now, Nan'an valve has gone abroad and sold at home and abroad

since 2008, Nan'an valve enterprises have participated in the formulation of national standards for the valve industry for many times. Yingqiao machinery, as the drafting unit, participated in the drafting of national standards for the technical conditions of steam traps. This is the first time that Nan'an valve enterprises have participated in the formulation of national standards, and it is also the first time that Nan'an valve enterprises have drafted national standards, which is a milestone for the Nan'an valve industry, It marks that Nan'an valve enterprises have a say in formulating relevant valve standards. And last year, Yingqiao machinery, as the first drafter, proposed to formulate (GB) steam trap classification, which has entered the approval process and will be implemented in the valve industry

Yingqiao machinery production workshop

more than one valve enterprise in Nan'an participated in the formulation of standards. Shanghai Airlines Group, which has participated in the drafting of industrial standards and the preparation of national standards for many times, also formulated (JB) water supply pipeline inlet and exhaust valves as the first drafting unit in April this year. In early May, he participated in the formulation of industrial standards for butterfly valves for water supply and drainage and the revision of general technical requirements for iron valves for urban water supply held in Beijing

chensiliang, chairman of Shanghai Airlines Group, said that the review meeting of "water supply pipeline inlet and exhaust valves" was the first meeting of valve industry standards held in Nan'an. It is a qualitative leap for Nan'an valve industry. It represents that Nan'an valve industry has entered the gate of first-class standard production

in terms of product research and development, Yingqiao machinery, as the most cutting-edge enterprise in the steam trap industry, has produced all kinds of products required by steam traps, with more than 1800 specifications and models. The self-developed "superheated steam trap" solves the problem of superheated steam drainage at home and abroad. The "double valve seat lever floating ball steam trap" and "double valve body double valve seat lever floating ball steam trap" adopt the invention patent of "fully balanced double valve seat" independently developed by Yingqiao machinery, which has the advantages of small valve volume, stable and reliable opening and closing action, high action sensitivity, long service life, stable performance, and can maintain long-term excellent characteristics. Under the working condition of requiring large displacement to remove condensate, It can fully show its superior performance

Fujian Jianuo Valve Co., Ltd. obtained the only national technological innovation fund support for scientific and technological small and medium-sized enterprises in the valve industry in Nan'an City through the "disc check valve with high sealing performance and long service life" developed through technological research; The "magnetic locking ball valve" of Shanghai Airlines Group, based on the "permanent magnet rotation leak free theory", relies on its unique technical structure, so that the magnetic torque valve has zero leakage, anti-theft, self-locking functions, long service life, environmental protection and no pollution; Champions valve has made in-depth research on the structure of ordinary butterfly valves, and successfully developed a "four link all hard sealing butterfly valve" with a temperature of 1200 ℃, giving greater play to the advantages of butterfly valves and improving the performance of connecting rod butterfly valves to a new level; The invention patent "high temperature and high pressure ball valve" of KaiHong Valve Co., Ltd. won the international "Eureka" Invention Gold Award, and joined hands with Shanghai butterfly valve technology development department to solve worldwide technical problems at its own expense, successfully overcome the problems of key valves of ultra (ultra) critical thermal power units, and developed "ultra-high temperature and high pressure hard sealed rolling ball valve"; Hongda special valve manufacturer developed a high temperature resistant test, which clamps the specific pull rod into the round jaw of the universal testing machine to fix the warm sealing butterfly valve, which solves the problem that the sealing butterfly valve cannot operate under high temperature and has entered Apple's supply chain; The hard sealing butterfly valve, API small-diameter forged steel valve and high-temperature and high-pressure two-way pressure POM polymer carbon fiber ceramic core wear-resistant butterfly valve developed by Kaida chemical valve fill the blank of valve product series in Fujian Province; The company has made technological innovations to improve the valve structure and tooling fixtures, and has obtained 22 national patents, including 4 invention patents

the above innovative products show that Nan'an valve is becoming stronger and stronger on the road of independent research and development. And this is inseparable from the support of the government. Similarly, it also contributes to the experts and executives with rich industry experience hired by the enterprise

through matchmaking, Nan'an municipal government guides some large equipment manufacturing enterprises to have "zero distance" contact with universities and scientific research institutions to help the equipment manufacturing industry cultivate and introduce more high-quality, multi-level and skilled talents

enterprises also attach importance to the introduction of talents. In Yingqiao machinery company, two of the three deputy general managers were specially hired from other places. Among them, one was responsible for R & D in the valve factory of state-owned military enterprises, the other was the technical director of large national valve enterprises, and the chief engineer of Yingqiao was a professor level expert who enjoyed the special allowance of the State Council. In just a few years, the company has 6 invention patents and 21 utility model patents granted by the State Intellectual Property Office

Gu Zejun, the deputy general manager of technology research and development, has been responsible for research and development in Sichuan Chengdu state-owned valve factory before. Qiao, another deputy general manager in charge of production, previously worked in a large state-owned valve enterprise in Gansu. In 2009, Yu Zhiri was invited to become the chief engineer of Shanghai Airlines Group and has led his team to independently develop 60 new products unique to the industry for Shanghai Airlines

Yu Zhiri, chief engineer of Shanghai Airlines Group, is demonstrating products

Yu Zhiri is the soul of Shanghai Airlines' technological innovation. Yu Zhiri, who is over seventy years old, was born in the home of technology and has been in the valve industry for more than 50 years. As early as the 1980s, he participated in the expert examination of the Ministry of mechanical and electronic engineering on the issuance of pump production licenses, and became one of the 13 invited people in the country at that time. Now, Yu Zhiri is employed as an expert of the water supply and drainage Expert Committee of China Building Metal Structure Association

Shanghai Airlines Group has actively promoted industry university research cooperation and reached cooperative relations with Lanzhou University of technology and other institutions. Lanzhou University of technology is currently the only institution of higher learning in China that has opened the valve industry. Nowadays, Shanghai Airlines Group is the enterprise with the largest number of invention patents of valve enterprises in Fujian Province. The total number of patents applied for is 156, and 122 patents have been obtained. Among them, there are 16 invention patents

Li Shengli, President of Nan'an Haixi Valve Association, said that in recent years, Nan'an valve industry has completed transformation through technological progress and scientific and technological innovation. Valves made in Nan'an have been found in the South-to-North Water Diversion Project, the west to east gas transmission project and many national key projects (including nuclear power projects). Nanan valve has made people look at it with admiration and become a butterfly

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