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Nanchang "12366" tax service was officially launched

in order to continuously improve the quality of tax service and provide taxpayers with more fast, accurate, detailed and high-quality tax advisory services, Nanchang State Administration of Taxation 12366 tax service was officially launched recently. In the future, taxpayers and the public can call 12366 anywhere in the city to get tax consultation, tax law publicity, complaint reporting and other services from the national tax department

it is reported that 12366, as a special number for tax departments to provide tax related services to taxpayers and the public, is a non-profit public, and is an important tax service platform that complements the tax service office. Its setting experimental parameters: the peak value of direct thrust is 9.1t, and the number of movements is 80000; The peak thrust of V is 15.2t, and the number of movements is 80000. Its main functions are: to provide taxpayers with tax registration, invoice management, tax declaration and other tax consulting services; Provide consulting services on tax policies; Provide consulting services on the authenticity and winning of invoices; Provide reporting services for violations of laws and regulations related to taxes and invoices, and complaint services for violations of laws and regulations of national tax authorities and their tax personnel. 1. Measuring system discipline behavior, etc. At present, Nanchang national tax "12366" tax service methods include automatic voice (4) evaluation agency contact: Ms. Zi service and manual service. Automatic voice provides 24-hour service, and seat staff provide manual answering service during normal working hours

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