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Nancai town carried out special joint law enforcement inspection on printing enterprises

[ppzhan Abstract] recently, the town safety department, the culture, sports, radio and Television Center, the city speed control, industry and commerce, health and other departments formed a joint inspection team to jointly inspect the printing enterprises in the town

on the same day, the inspection method of pull screening was adopted. The electronic universal testing machine was closely inspected by 10 printing enterprises in the town, which adopted the latest technical achievements in the field of electronic technology. They mainly checked the hidden dangers of fire and electricity in these enterprises, as well as whether all kinds of procedures were complete. A total of 6 law enforcement vehicles and more than 20 law enforcement personnel were dispatched for the inspection. Up to now, there are a total of 10 printing enterprises in our town. Today, there are many so-called fire-resistant B1 composite polyurethane materials in the market that have not really reached the national mandatory standards. Among them, two printing enterprises have been closed; Six printing enterprises have stopped expanding the production of new chemical materials and new technologies in the end market

previously, Nancai town culture, sports, radio and Television Center, safety department, industry and Commerce and other departments have carried out many law enforcement inspections and joint actions, which have effectively deterred illegal acts, well standardized the business order of the cultural publishing industry, eliminated potential safety hazards, and laid the foundation for the convening of the 18th National Congress

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