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Nandian remote video collaboration application helps Fujian Provincial Department of land and resources to make government affairs more efficient

project background

Fujian Provincial Department of land and resources was at the forefront of government informatization as early as a decade ago, using Polycom equipment to build a set of standard definition video conference system covering all counties and cities in the province, and the daily efficiency of government affairs has been significantly improved. In recent years, with the popularization of remote video collaboration technology and the increasing demand for government services, the products have taken 3-bit disengaged protective measures. In 2016, the provincial department continued to cooperate with China Southern Power Corporation to upgrade and transform the original system in HD, bringing a new high-definition remote video interoperability experience for flood control, wind prevention, post disaster reconstruction and other work


in order to meet the application needs of users at different levels, we use baolitong HD collaboration platform (rmx2000+rmx1800) with the new group series terminals to realize the full 1080p/720p HD video interconnection within the land and resources system of Fujian Province; At the same time, considering the frequent use of the system and following the principle of separation of use and management, RCM2000 integrated conference management platform is adopted at the central point to simplify conference operations, enrich applications, and realize unified management and easy control of meetings

advantages and features

Full HD, simulation experience. With world-class encoding and decoding capabilities and unique bandwidth saving technology, the network broadband of 1m can achieve 1080p, and then the zeroing effect of saturated polyester resin polymerized from negative to maximum 4-butanediol (BDO), and the effect of 720p can be achieved at 512k, effectively helping the political transmission of Fujian Department of land and resources

terminal hot standby, intelligent switching. It supports the mixed use of HD and SD devices, and can make full use of the old devices in cities, districts and counties for backup support, so that there is no worry about meeting from now on

unified control, intimate housekeeper. Polycom integrated conference management platform can realize a full range of conference management services, such as system management, resource scheduling, statistical analysis, appointment approval, conference control, operation and maintenance guarantee, and provide a solid backing for the whole system

touch experience, one finger controls everything. Through the touch pad, we can achieve one click control of meetings, manage and increase means, and experience and increase color

user testimony

after the full remote high-definition video conference system is put into use, in addition to daily office meetings, it can also be held in time in case of natural disasters such as typhoons and rainstorms. The intelligent level of flood control and disaster relief, post disaster reconstruction and other emergency meetings has been greatly improved, which provides a strong technical support for improving the efficiency of government affairs in the province and better serving the people

Fujian Provincial Department of land and resources

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