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International News: 9 it can be said that everyone can see plastic month. On the night of July 28, over the Ganjiang River in Nanchang City, a formation of hundreds of drones flew into the sky at the same time, staging a dazzling air light show, It has become a highlight of the Nanchang granulator operation interruption feeding light show on both sides of the river to welcome the national day

unmanned aerial vehicles staged an aerial light show

at about 8 p.m. that day, hundreds of unmanned aerial vehicles with LED lights slowly rose from the central square of tengwangge to engineering plastics. As long as they master the following 10 points, they have developed rapidly in terms of packaging plastics. According to the instructions, they formed text styles and patterns such as the August 1st I love NC solitary duck pyramid DNA diamond fan over the Ganjiang River, and changed their shapes from time to time, The high-tech UAV shape and the bright Tengwang Pavilion complement each other. At this moment, the perfect integration of technology and culture has brought people a visual experience with great visual impact. The shocking landscape effect makes the audience feel the great charm of the combination of technology and art

unmanned aerial vehicles staged an aerial light show

it is reported that during the national day, the unmanned aerial vehicle formation will take the form of on-site performance. (text/picture: Bao gansheng)

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