Butadiene import volume increased by 79 month on m

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Butadiene imports in August increased by 79% month on month

customs data show that China imported 26550 tons of butadiene in August, an increase of 79% month on month and a decrease of 20% year on year; 1 the 5th generation line (G5) and 6th generation line (G6) of Caihong shares have achieved mass production and constituted bulk supply in 2013. China imported 243247 tons of butadiene in August, an increase of 47% over the same period last year, and the growth rate slowed significantly. In terms of import volume, butadiene imports in August totaled US $27.44 million, with a unit price of US $1033 per ton, down US $280 from the previous month, maintaining a downward trend

in the early stage, the external price of butadiene fell sharply, and traders waited for the opportunity, resulting in a sharp increase in imports in August. In the later stage, due to the expected impact of the commissioning of Wuhan Petrochemical and many other butadiene units, the butadiene import volume may decline

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