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Investment attraction: inventory of key enterprises and products in the high-performance fiber and products and composite industry

recently, the National Bureau of statistics released the classification of strategic emerging industries (2018). Among them, the high-performance fiber and products and composite materials industry is divided into three sub categories: high-performance fiber and products manufacturing industry, high-performance fiber composite materials manufacturing industry and other high-performance materials manufacturing industry. A total of 12 national economic industries are involved. It is understood that the introduction of the 2018 edition of industrial classification aims to accurately reflect the development planning of national strategic emerging industries during the 13th Five Year Plan period and meet the statistical needs of measuring the development scale, structure and speed of strategic emerging industries. The strategic emerging industries stipulated in the 2018 edition of the industrial classification are based on major technological breakthroughs and major development needs, which play a major leading role in the overall and long-term development of economy and society. They are knowledge and technology intensive, with low consumption of material resources, great growth potential and good comprehensive benefits, mainly including the new generation of information technology industry, high-end equipment manufacturing industry, new materials industry, biological industry, new energy automobile industry New energy industry, energy conservation and environmental protection industry, digital creative industry and related service industry

high performance fibers generally refer to fibers with strength greater than 17.6cn/dtex and elastic modulus greater than 440cn/dtex. High performance fibers are a new generation of synthetic fibers with high strength, high modulus and high temperature resistance developed by fiber science and engineering circles. High performance fibers have special properties that ordinary fibers do not have, and are mainly used in various fields of military industry and high-tech industry

high performance fiber is an important part of the national strategic emerging industry and an important basic raw material for the development of national defense and military industry. Made in China 2025 clearly states that the new material industry is one of the ten key areas that need to be broken through and developed. Carbon fiber, basalt fiber and continuous silicon carbide fiber are also listed as "key strategic materials" in the "directory for the first application demonstration of key new materials" issued by the Ministry of industry and information technology. China's high-performance fiber composite industry is facing a new period of great development, such as large-scale municipal construction, new energy utilization and large-scale development, the introduction of environmental protection policies, the development of the automotive industry, large-scale railway construction, large aircraft projects, etc. in the process of urbanization. Driven by the huge market demand, the development of high-performance fiber composite industry will have a broad space for development

high performance composites are composite materials of high-performance reinforcing materials and high-performance resins, which have significantly improved mechanical properties and heat resistance

the industry of high-performance fibers, products and composites is divided into 3 sub categories and 12 national economic industries

source: National Bureau of statistics China Academy of Commerce sorted out

from the specific national economic industries and the key products and services involved are as follows:

national economic industries

national economic subdivisions

key products and services

glass fiber and product manufacturing

glass fiber and product manufacturing

high silica glass fiber and products (containing more than 296% SiO2, low strength, long-term resistance to 900 ℃, short-term resistance to 1200 ℃. Products include high silica yarn and high silica cloth. Jc/t high silica continuous glass fiber yarn gjb1679a-2008 specification for high silica glass fiber yarn GJB specification for high silica glass fiber cloth GJB specification for high silica puncture fabric)

quartz glass fiber and products (containing more than 299% SiO2, fiber strength and high temperature resistance are better than high silica glass fiber)

continuous basalt fiber and products

high strength glass fiber (s-gf) and products (tensile strength is 30% - 40% higher than e-gf). The main product forms include high-strength glass fiber yarn, ply twistless roving, direct twistless roving, high-strength glass fiber cloth, unidirectional cloth, checkered cloth, etc. they are used in aerospace, high-pressure vessels, pipelines and other fields jc/t "high strength glass fiber Twistless roving for winding" gjb83a-2004 "high strength glass fiber yarn"

gjb84b-2007 high strength glass fiber cloth)

high modulus glass fiber (m-gf) and products (with an elastic modulus of more than 90GPa, used in aerospace, sporting goods, large wind power blades and other fields. It can also be mixed with carbon fiber and aramid fiber to weave into high modulus fabrics gb/t glass fiber sewn fabrics GJB specification for high modulus glass fiber cloth)

radiation resistant glass fiber and products (for protective clothing)

irradiation resistant electrically insulating glass fiber and products (used in atomic energy industry)

low dielectric glass fiber (d-gf) and products (B2O3 content reaches (20 ~ 26)% with low dielectric constant and dielectric loss. It is an ideal material with wide frequency band and high transmission wave. It is used to manufacture electronic components such as radomes, electromagnetic windows, high stealth materials and high-performance printed circuit boards. Gb/t meets the measurement needs of different materials 13 "E glass fiber cloth for printed circuit boards")

alkali resistant glass fiber (ar-gf) and products (zirconia content is greater than 16%, which can resist long-term erosion of alkali substances, and is mainly used to manufacture glass fiber reinforced cement products (GRC). Jc/t alkali resistant glass fiber cloth jc/t alkali resistant glass fiber untwisted roving)

E-CR glass fiber and products (excluding B2O3 and F2 glass fiber. It has good water resistance and acid resistance. It is mainly used in containers and pipelines for flue gas desulfurization, chemical industry and marine engineering. GBT glass fiber wet felt, jc/t glass fiber needle felt for filtration)

special glass fiber and products

special optical fiber products (including panels, microchannel plates, light cones and imagers, etc.)

metal coated glass fiber

hollow glass fiber (for aviation industry and deep-water containers)

glass microfiber (fiber diameter ≤ 3mm)

electronic yarn

hollow fabric (E-glass fiber is used, which is an innovation in fabric form. It is used in the fields of lightweight rail transit, petrochemical, communication and construction)

high performance fiber preform (woven from special fibers such as carbon fiber or quartz fiber, used in aerospace, energy, transportation, electronics, chemical industry, environmental protection, nuclear power and other fields)

high performance carbon fiber and product manufacturing

synthetic fiber monomer (polymer) manufacturing

polyacrylonitrile precursor

graphite and carbon products manufacturing

high strength carbon fiber (tensile strength ≥ 4.9gpa and tensile modulus ≥ 230 ~ 260gpa)

high strength medium modulus carbon fiber (tensile strength ≥ 4.5GPa and tensile modulus ≥ 260 ~ 350gpa)

high modulus carbon fiber (tensile strength ≥ 3 ~ 3.5gpa and tensile modulus ≥ 400gpa)

high strength high modulus carbon fiber (tensile strength ≥ 4.0gpa and tensile modulus ≥ 350gpa)

carbon fiber fabric preform (for aviation, aerospace, wind power generation, etc.)

carbon fiber preform (for aviation, aerospace, wind power generation, etc.)

manufacturing of graphite fiber

manufacturing of graphite and carbon products

graphite fiber (modulus not less than 600gpa and strength greater than 3.0gpa)

manufacturing of ceramic fiber and products

manufacturing of other synthetic materials

oxide ceramic fiber (including mullite, alumina, zirconium oxide and other continuous fibers)

non oxide ceramic fiber

silicon carbide fiber and its fabric (mainly used in aeroengine, gas turbine, aerospace, nuclear power and other fields, such as hi NICALON class and hi NICALON s class)

organic fiber manufacturing

nylon fiber manufacturing

high performance nylon

polyester fiber manufacturing

high performance polyester

acrylic fiber manufacturing

High Performance Acrylic Fiber

vinylon fiber manufacturing

high performance vinylon

polypropylene fiber manufacturing

high performance polypropylene fiber

spandex fiber manufacturing

high performance spandex

manufacturing of other synthetic fibers

meta aramid

para aramid

aramid III

Ultra high molecular weight polyethylene fiber (molecular weight of 2million ~ 5million, used in marine cables, bulletproof clothing, bulletproof helmets, bulletproof armor, aerospace and other fields)

polyimide fiber

polyphenylene sulfide fiber

high performance polytetrafluoroethylene fiber

high performance poly (p-phenylene benzoxazole) (PBO) fiber

polyarylene heterocyclic fiber (PEEK, poly (aryl ether ketone) and other chemical fibers with deep dyeing, ultra-fine denier, anti pilling, anti-static, flame retardant, anti droplet, UV resistance, chemical resistance, antibacterial and other functions)

polysulfone fiber

bio based chemical fiber manufacturing

bio based chemical fiber manufacturing

new cellulose fibers (bio based regenerated fibers such as Lyocell fiber, bamboo pulp fiber, hemp pulp fiber)

bio based synthetic fiber (polylactic acid (PLA) fiber, polyhydroxybutyrate Hydroxyvalerate (PHBV) and polylactic acid (PLA) blend fiber, poly1,3-propylene terephthalate (PTT) fiber, poly1,4-butanediol terephthalate (PBT) fiber, polytrimethylene terephthalate (PDT) fiber, polybutylene succinate (PBS) fiber Polyamide (pa56) fiber)

marine bio based fiber (chitosan fiber, alginate fiber)

bio based regenerated fiber

recycled fiber

manufacturing of high-performance thermosetting resin matrix composites

manufacturing of other synthetic materials

phenolic resin matrix composites (for aerospace, automotive, rail transit fields)

cyanate ester resin matrix composites

epoxy resin matrix composites (for wind power, electric power, electronic information, aerospace, ocean engineering, high-tech ships, rail transit equipment, etc.)

bismaleimide resin matrix composites (for Aerospace)

polyimide resin matrix composites (for engines)

ethylene resin composites (for large petrochemical equipment, environmental engineering and other fields)

manufacturing of glass fiber reinforced plastic products

manufacturing of high-performance glass fiber reinforced thermosetting resin matrix composites

manufacturing of graphite and carbon products

Evonik and Karlsruhe Institute of technology jointly completed the production of hybrid polymer system

high-performance carbon fiber reinforced thermosetting resin matrix composites

manufacturing of high-performance thermoplastic resin matrix composites

manufacturing of other synthetic materials

continuous fiber reinforcement Composites (nylon, polyester, ABS, etc.)

discontinuous fiber reinforced composites (PEEK, Pei, PSU, etc.)

metal matrix composite manufacturing

nonferrous metal alloy manufacturing

metal matrix composite

aluminum matrix composite

titanium matrix composite

magnesium matrix composite

copper matrix composite

nickel matrix composite

refractory metal matrix composite

superalloy matrix composite

intermetallic matrix composite

beryllium matrix composite materials

Carbon Nanotubes Reinforced Metal Matrix Nanocomposites Materials

foam metal matrix composites

metal matrix composites

Aluminum Matrix Composites

titanium matrix composites

magnesium matrix composites

copper matrix composites

nickel matrix composites

refractory metal matrix composites

superalloy matrix composites

intermetallic matrix composites

beryllium matrix composites

carbon nanotube reinforced metal matrix nanocomposites

foam metal Matrix composite products

manufacturing of ceramic matrix composite materials

manufacturing of special ceramic products

ceramic matrix composite materials

manufacturing of carbon carbon composite materials

manufacturing of graphite and carbon products

carbon/carbon composite materials (for aviation braking and high temperature furnaces)

manufacturing of other structural composite materials

steel calendering

stainless steel and

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