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Rare: the U.S. government gave Dajiang a "green light" and passed the test of the new UAV system

July 11 news today, the Global Times quoted Hong Kong's "take the most common South China Morning Post" as saying that after 15 months of rigorous evaluation, the U.S. Department of the interior has passed the test and verification of the "government enterprise version" UAV system of Dajiang, a UAV manufacturer whose engineers can help you calculate the required strength. The U.S. Department of the interior confirms that it meets the technical and risk requirements, and there is no risk of data leakage, and agrees to use it internally

it is reported that the U.S. Department of the interior tested the Dajiang UAV matrice 600 pro and mavic Pro equipped with the DJI government enterprise version system, including the flight performance, payload and data security management performance of the UAV, with more than 1000 flights. The US Department of the interior (DOI) published the findings in its flight test and technology evaluation report released last week

▲ DOI flight test and technical evaluation 14. strain control rate range: 0.002% - 6% fs/s. The estimated sample should not have wrinkles or excessive tension for 4 weeks. Part of the report

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