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Open the tungsten mine gate of Gan Po land

Mufu mountain is located in the center of central China, with the main peak Mufu mountain, also known as Tianyue mountain. In the Mufu mountain area with dense valleys and forests, Jiangxi geologists created their own prospecting legend with the spirit of hard work and bold exploration in the six years from 2010 to 2016. The team with Lou Fasheng of Jiangxi Geological Survey Institute as the chief expert explored super large tungsten deposits in Dongping, Wuning county. The team successfully applied the "five storey" metallogenic model of quartz vein wolframite in southern Jiangxi to achieve a breakthrough in prospecting. The total explored reserves of Dongping deposit are: 47729 thousand tons of tungsten ore (122b+332+333) and 213941 tons of metal (tungsten trioxide); There are 6105 thousand tons of low-grade tungsten ore (332+333) and 5946 tons of metal (tungsten trioxide). Its reserves have become the largest wolframite in China and even the world

six years of hard work without giving up

a breakthrough in prospecting is by no means a one-day effort, which requires the unremitting efforts of generations of geologists. The composition of "Dongping legend" also contains the painstaking efforts, sweat and wisdom of generations of Jiangxi geological and mining people

Dongping copper tungsten deposit is located in the northwest of Wuning County, belonging to Dongping Xianglushan tungsten ore prospecting prospect in Mufushan area of the metallogenic belt in the middle and lower reaches of the Yangtze River. It was originally a small copper polymetallic deposit, with only 10000 tons of proved copper resources and 2800 tons of (associated) tungsten resources

in October 2010, Jiangxi Geological Survey Institute undertook the verification of resource reserves in Dongping copper polymetallic mining area in order to understand the family background of the ore bodies in the mining area in detail

in this way, Jiangxi geologists and miners stood at the door of this huge treasure for the first time

when entering the mining area for the first time, the Dongping project department divides the ore body in the mining area into two ore zones, I and II, from northwest to Southeast, according to the occurrence location and spatial distribution characteristics of the ore body. Soon, the project department found dense Muscovite quartz veins on the newly opened highway of the mine. At the same time, during the capital construction and development of the ore body north of the hujiahe River in the mining area (now I ore body zone), it found many copper tungsten containing quartz veins. In the shallow part of copper tungsten, we will discuss the casting silver ore body of the experimental machine, which has a certain extension downward, and then carry out systematic cataloguing of the existing tunnels in the mining area, Based on the in-depth study of the characteristics of the ore body on the surface and in the tunnels at different elevations, especially the comprehensive analysis of the variation law of the thickness of the ore body from the surface to the deep, it is believed that there is a distribution law of "upper copper and lower tungsten" in the mineral composition in the area, and the thickness of the ore body tends to increase from top to bottom, and has certain zoning characteristics

in 2011, the project department reported to the hospital in time. According to the analysis of Lou Fasheng, the vertical changes and characteristics of the ore body (i.e. ore belt I) north of hujiahe River are similar to the characteristics of the second layer ("veinlet belt") of the "five story building" model of Gannan vein tungsten deposit; The characteristics of the surface mineralized body (i.e. No. II ore belt) in the south of hujiahe are similar to those of the first layer ("veinlet marker belt"). Dongping mining area has the geological conditions to find the "five story building" quartz vein type wolframite deposit. The project department is required to carry out the geological research of the mining area under the guidance of the "five story building" metallogenic model

subsequently, the project department established the metallogenic model and prospecting prediction model of the mining area by systematically studying the existing geological and mineral data in the mining area, delineated the deep prospecting target area, adopted new prospecting ideas, and persuaded mining enterprises to boldly carry out deep validation. First, work was carried out in the No. 1 ore belt, and the first four validation boreholes were drilled, which achieved good prospecting results, and preliminarily confirmed that wolframite was the main ore in the deep part of the mining area, Wolframite bearing quartz veins show the variation characteristics from veinlet zone to mixed zone from top to bottom. The ore prospecting work in the mining area has made certain progress. The prospecting machine itself has certain requirements and progress on the working environment

however, by 2012, more than 20 boreholes were drilled in the southeast II ore belt, mainly medium and fine veins, and no large veins were found. In addition, the "five story model" has never been a successful case in Jiangxi Province. Even the expert team hired by Party A also strongly questioned the "five story model" proposed by the project team, and the contract with Jiangxi Geological Survey Institute should be terminated. The expert team of the Institute resisted the pressure and argued with reason. Finally, the two sides reached an agreement: give another year, and stop cooperation if you can't find a large ore vein

facing the suspicious eyes of Party A and the bottleneck of prospecting, how to break through? The Academy realized that it must face the difficulties with a more scientific attitude and overcome this severe test

beating the drums and blowing out the yellow sand before the gold

the military order has been issued. The Party committee of the Academy attaches great importance to it and forms a joint research team composed of relevant departments and experts such as the Bureau's geology and mineral resources department and the Academy's technology department, so as to concentrate superior forces and vow to win the Dongping copper and tungsten mine

up to March 2013, according to the ore prospecting effect of the first batch of four boreholes verified in the original No.1 ore belt, the project department deployed eight boreholes at a line distance of 200 meters in the No.1 ore belt, which was successful at one stroke. The eight boreholes deployed this time hit thick and huge ore bodies, which once again verified the correctness of the "five story building" metallogenic model, Vertically, the vein has five zones from top to bottom: Quartz mica linear vein zone → veinlet zone → thin vein zone → large vein zone → pinch out zone. The Institute adjusted from the original thinking of "chasing veins with veins" to "prospecting through the No. 1 mineralized zone", which provided a solid basis for large-scale exploration in the deep part of the mining area

so far, Jiangxi geological and mineral workers have successfully opened the door of Dongping super large quartz vein type wolframite mine, the first "five story prospecting model" in northern Jiangxi. Party A also raised his thumb and applauded Jiangxi geological and mineral workers for their persistence. At the same time, party a raised funds to conduct large-scale exploration in the mining area, and the highest record in the mining area is that 42 drilling rigs operate at the same time a day. With more drilling rigs, supervision is particularly important. On one occasion, the members of the project team were inspecting the operation of drilling rigs. Among them, the 75 ° inclined holes of two drilling rigs were unqualified. They immediately decided to scrap the two holes that did not meet the quality requirements. It is this unrelenting and uncompromising attitude that makes all drilling parties involved in the construction of the mining area dare not slack off in front of quality

since then, the mining area has carried out a comprehensive and detailed survey, with a total of 194000 meters of construction drilling and 10000 meters of pit exploration, and 173 hidden quartz vein type wolframite ore bodies with industrial value have been found. There are many tunnels in the mining area. In the past, copper mining left many abandoned tunnels, and the new and old tunnels of more than 10000 meters, all of which require the hard work of geological technicians. If there is water in the tunnels, use water pumps to pump water. If there is no mining car, rely on two legs. In order to improve work efficiency, everyone takes lunch in the tunnels, goes in in the morning and comes out in the afternoon. The safety officers of the mines often wait at the door in a hurry

by may, 2013, the owner had made a large-scale investment in the mining area, and the large investment in exchange for a large percentage of advanced textile materials. As a result, wolframite mine broke through the ground in Northwest Jiangxi and became a blockbuster. Dongping wolframite resource reserves exceed the tungsten deposits in Xingluokeng, Fujian, Yaogangxian, Hunan and Xihuashan, Jiangxi. It has become the quartz vein wolframite with the largest resource reserves in China and even in the world. It has achieved a major breakthrough in the prospecting of quartz vein wolframite, attracted the attention of the world and made Jiangxi geologists proud

after quenching, the body is as mysterious as iron, and the heart is as practicing.

the birth of this major geological achievement cannot be separated from the help of many parties! Mr. yangminggui, the former chief engineer of Jiangxi Bureau of Geology and mineral resources, yuzhongzhen, the deputy director of Jiangxi Bureau of Geology and mineral resources, and relevant experts of the Bureau of Geology and mineral resources have always been concerned about and concerned about the progress of the project, and have visited the mining area for guidance for many times. And the achievement can not be achieved without many ordinary and conscientious geological team members, who are flashing the spirit of "three glories" -

in order to deepen the young team members' understanding of the distribution of pulse bands, the project leader Li Jiming taught them by hand. There are many boreholes and few hands, and everyone has to be responsible for several boreholes. After a day of field work, he dragged his tired body back to the station and drew a histogram; The hydrological ground should be fastened in time; The qualitative observation hole is measured on the mountain. Every few days, the staff will carry a bundle of lines to drill holes through the thick vegetation, drill thatch and thorns, and never stop regardless of wind and rain; Geological team member Zhong Qihong and his newly married wife spent their honeymoon in the mining area and began a six-year "two city life"; Sha min and Lei Tianhao are both "post-90s". When winter comes, cataloguing is a hard work. In order to better grasp the distribution of quartz vein belts, they can only spread out boxes of rock cores, and the thin vein belts and middle vein belts are catalogued layer by layer. The fingers exposed to the cold wind have frostbite... This is Jiangxi Geology and mineral man

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