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Promote "made in China" to "made in China" butterfly change

this year's government work report pointed out that we should carry forward the spirit of craftsmanship and bring about a quality revolution made in China. This is an important measure put forward by the Chinese government for the development of the manufacturing industry after the 19th CPC National Congress and the central economic work conference made it clear that China's economy has entered a high-quality development stage, demonstrating the determination and motivation to promote made in China towards high-quality development

quality revolution is the objective need to promote the manufacturing industry to become bigger and stronger. After years of rapid development, China has become the world's largest manufacturing country. In the process of deepening the supply side structural reform, industrial development has gradually changed from emphasizing product quantity to emphasizing product quality, and from highlighting the competition of factor cost to highlighting the competition of product added value. The government work report listed five major industries, including integrated circuits, fifth generation mobile communications, aircraft engines, new energy vehicles, and new materials, as key industries to accelerate the construction of a manufacturing power. We should take this as the main starting point, actively cultivate emerging industries with low resource consumption, high scientific and technological content, good economic benefits and sustainable development, and accelerate the pace of China's transformation from a manufacturing power to a manufacturing power

quality revolution is the internal requirement to promote the transformation and upgrading of consumption. When the basic living needs have been met, the material demands of residents have gradually shifted from the diversity of categories to the pursuit of high quality, high taste and high level. It can be seen that the territory of overseas shopping by Chinese people is expanding, and the types are also tilted from luxury goods to cosmetics, rice cookers, razors and other daily necessities. At present, China's manufacturing industry still has the practical problems of insufficient supply of medium and high-end products and mismatching with the demand side. It is urgent to adjust and optimize the industrial structure, improve the level of industrial technology, change the development concept, and constantly apply new processes, new equipment, and new materials to promote industrial quality and efficiency to meet the growing material needs of residents

in the next step, to promote the butterfly change from "made in China" to "made in China", we can improve and perfect it from the following three aspects:

first, we should improve our ideological understanding and establish a national consciousness that advocates the spirit of craftsmanship. The spirit of craftsman is far-reaching, which is reflected in perseverance, excellence and innovation in their own work. Taking Japan as an example, the consistent craftsmanship spirit of Japanese enterprises makes their products and services enjoy high durability and reliability. China should learn from foreign experience, improve the salary and promotion mechanism of innovative technical talents, and build a national brand with "great craftsman"

secondly, increase investment in scientific research, improve institutional mechanisms, and improve the ability of independent innovation. High speed rail, like the weighing industry of scales, is a model of independent innovation in China. At present, more than 25000 kilometers have been built nationwide, accounting for two-thirds of the total mileage of the world. Through digestion, absorption and re innovation based on the introduction of foreign advanced technology, China's high-speed rail industry has mastered the key core technology, and thus achieved leapfrog development. It can be said that domestic enterprises have accumulated valuable experience for the transformation of China's manufacturing industry through the success of industrialization and marketization of high-speed rail industry. On the one hand, we should be guided by market demand, adhere to the principle of "for my use" while introducing technology, and carry out adaptive transformation of new technology. According to the local unique climatic conditions and geological conditions of our country, we should carry out localization innovation and create a technical system with independent intellectual property rights. On the other hand, the government has played an active role in strategic guidance and collaborative innovation by taking advantage of the institutional advantages of concentrating on major events. In addition, in some innovation projects involving multiple disciplines and industries, the government has fully integrated the advantageous scientific research resources in all aspects to improve the innovation efficiency

thirdly, we should constantly cultivate and improve the vocational education system that adapts to the market. The education system in Germany is one of the reasons for the high quality of "the cycle of German system, so as to achieve the purpose of cooling down". From the middle school era, students can choose to enter the liberal arts Middle School of the research university after graduation or the practical middle school of the practical technology university in the future. The latter entered the dual system teaching mode after coming to the vocational school. The dual system mode pays attention to the combination of practice and theory, including two parts: internship in enterprises and learning in schools, and the time spent in enterprise practice has reached two-thirds. Under the dual track system, which focuses on enterprise practice and supplemented by theoretical learning, students have received sufficient skill training, which makes it easier for them to be favored by enterprises when they graduate, so that students and employers can win-win. In contrast, in terms of school enterprise cooperation, China's colleges and universities have insufficient time, and lack of substantive skills training, making it difficult for students to clarify their career positioning in the short internship process. In the future, there is still much room for exploration and improvement in the cooperation between colleges and enterprises

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