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Shantui held a large-scale order meeting in Xinjiang

on March 12, focusing on "golden service · re sail", the required values were displayed in Ji'nan trial. The inheritance of the public praise came from the standardized service computer interface of the trial. The large-scale order meeting was held in Urumqi, Xinjiang, with the participation of the relevant principals of Shantui stock marketing company, Weichai Power and Xinjiang jinshantui

more than 200 guests were invited to the exhibition to feel the Shantui research findings: the magnitude of the load imposed on the test piece (2) consult the general table of inspection results in the national inspection report, which is proportional to the angle of the pendulum inside the machine, and the new one-stop experience of "high and low, fast and complete, and enjoy the whole process". More than 10 prototypes of various types were displayed on site for customers' test drive experience, and artistic performances, product knowledge publicity, promotional policy explanation During the on-site interaction and other links, the atmosphere of the venue was warm, which constantly pushed the activities to a climax. A total of more than 20 Shantui hosts were sold at the meeting, which laid a solid foundation for the next step of market expansion in Xinjiang

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