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Revealed a new remote UAV detection solution

revealed a new remote UAV detection solution

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is a necessary experimental detection equipment for construction, building materials, roads and bridges and other engineering units.

Groupe ADP and dsna services, subsidiaries created by the French Civil Aviation Authority (DGAC), announced that the two companies combined their expertise to create the hologarde project, which is a UAV detection system, It can adapt to unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) at any sensitive site that needs to be protected

Edwar Arkwright, deputy CEO of Groupe ADP, said that within the framework of the innovation center plan, Groupe ADP has been at the forefront of using and testing UAVs in complex environments (such as airports) in terms of the capacity of its database or the number of cycles of waveform displayed per screen. By combining the expertise of Groupe ADP and the French civil aviation authority with the dynamic flexibility of partner start-ups, hologarde offers significant advantages for international UAV innovation in an industry worth billions of euros

hologarde integrates three technologies (radar, RF and HD video) into a control center, which can detect any type of UAV with a maximum distance of 5 kilometers. It was tested at Paris Bourget airport during the Paris international air show. The advantage of remote detection is that it can predict and develop appropriate responses according to the nature of intrusion. Once the UAV is detected, it can be monitored in real time through the control center, which can be accessed from PC and tablet computer

hologarde is a UAV detection solution that integrates innovative technologies into a single control center suitable for all users. Our goal is to create a safer world with drones, commented St phanedurand, executive director of dsna services

groupe ADP and dsna services are currently supporting efforts to manufacture hologarde on an industrial scale and formulating countermeasures compatible with the airport environment. The project was only completed in a few months, and confirmed the strong team cooperation between Groupe ADP and DGAC. Arkwright added that the selection of sampling parts and inspection surfaces should be based on the characteristics of analytical materials, processing technology and heat treatment process

the next stage of the test will further test the system at Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport, the second largest airport in Europe

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