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Push "made in China smart" to a new height, double star and tuhu reached a strategic cooperation

push "made in China smart" to a new height, and the reduction range is 5 ⑴ 0% for good, double star and tuhu reached a strategic cooperation

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on July 15, the signing ceremony of "smart new retail, win the future together" double star tuhu car maintenance strategic cooperation was held in Qingdao. Under the influence of the epidemic, the consumption structure has been rapidly transformed, and digital transformation has become the only way for industrial upgrading. The scale of China's automobile industry has been avoiding quality problems for nine years, ranking first in the world, which also means that China's automotive aftermarket has ushered in a new opportunity period - the digital innovation environment is gradually improving, relevant industrial policies are constantly optimized, and user demand is constantly increasing

Smart Engine helps both sides work together to build a stronger "made in China"

it is against this background that Shuangxing, the leader of China's intelligent tire manufacturing, and tuhu car care, China's leading maintenance service platform, have come together to jointly make smart manufacturing - both sides hope to use more intelligent production methods, more digital and efficient service channels, and products closer to the needs of Chinese consumers, Work together to build a better brand of "made in China" in the tire industry

it is understood that the two sides of this cooperation will carry out in-depth integration in terms of brand co construction, product research and development, consumer services, etc., to achieve the perfect connection between the dual star industry 4.0 intelligent chemical plant and the integrated service of "online reservation + offline installation" of tuhu car care, provide consumers with more high-quality products and professional services, and work together to promote the smart transformation of China's automotive aftermarket

in addition, as one of the important contents of this strategic cooperation, the two sides will also jointly promote the "Dongfeng Tire" to the civil market, creating a new brilliance for the industrial tire brand that large manufacturers of the National Army occupy most of the market share. It is understood that Dongfeng 4.0 intelligent production base is the first tire "industry 4.0" intelligent chemical plant in Central China, and the only intelligent chemical plant in China that adopts RFID chip coding in the whole process, which is mainly used for the production of "Dongfeng tires"

in the future, double star will share and jointly build with tuhu car care, and combine the industrial interconnection of double star "R & D 4.0, production 4.0, service 4.0" and the digital advantages of tuhu car care to jointly develop high-quality tire products more suitable for domestic use scenarios and better serve Chinese car owners

create the ultimate experience and explore the way forward for the development of industry wisdom

in recent years, double star tire has accelerated the transformation of enterprise wisdom, took the lead in establishing the global tire industry's full process "industry 4.0" intelligent chemical plant and the country's leading laboratory, formed three industrial systems of rubber, artificial intelligence and high-end equipment, waste rubber and plastic green ecological recycling and business model innovation, and developed into a leading enterprise in the industrial interconnection of the rubber industry, It is known as "the leader of intelligent tire manufacturing in China"

tuhu car maintenance was founded in Shanghai in 2011. With the mission of exporting authentic, professional and efficient services, it is committed to providing better car maintenance experience for Chinese car owners. After several years of development, it has 50million registered users and more than 1700 workshops and stores across the country. It has become China's leading automotive consumer service platform and a solution provider for the post market industry

talking about the strategic cooperation with tuhu car maintenance, Su Ming, general manager of Shuangxing Co., Ltd., said: "In 2008, Shuangxing turned to the tire industry in an all-round way. In 2014, it started a new journey of 'Second Entrepreneurship, creating a world famous brand', officially starting the road of intelligent transformation. In the past five years, Shuangxing has built the world's first full process' industry 4.0 'intelligent chemical plant and a national leading laboratory, and in July 2018, it controlled Jinhu tire, which once ranked among the top ten in the world, and became the largest tire enterprise in China at one fell swoop. This time, it reached a strategy with tuhu car The cooperation will perfectly integrate the big data advantages of tuhu's car consumption interconnection with double star intelligent manufacturing, front-end design and development, and scenario based solutions, scientifically match products, and quickly iterate and upgrade, so as to realize mass customization of users' personalized needs. "

Chen Min, founder and CEO of tuhu car breeding, also said: "We have been looking forward to the in-depth strategic cooperation with big domestic brands with a long history, such as double star. On the tuhu car maintenance platform, the tire brand of Double Star Group has always maintained the sales champion of domestic tire categories on the tuhu car maintenance platform, which is the embodiment of double star's deep trust by consumers. We hope that after the two sides work together, we can push the maintenance experience of Chinese car owners to a new height and promote the industry to go deep into terminals And ecological integration, and explore more, stronger and more beneficial smart retail development models. "

at the meeting, Su Ming, general manager of Shuangxing Co., Ltd., and Chen Min, founder and CEO of tuhu car care, held a strategic cooperation signing ceremony. 20 media from all over the country adjusted with weights (counterweights) known in advance, which is called "f calibration". More than 20 media witnessed this important moment of the two brands. It is believed that in the future, the two sides will take strategic cooperation as a new starting point and jointly bring better products and services to Chinese consumers

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