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Automatic grinding of spiral rotor

in order to minimize the cost of spiral rotor grinding, the rotary forming grinder is equipped with a workstation that can automatically load and unload. By using different circulating chain conveyors, the storage of up to 100 workpieces can be realized

AMK tornado, a Berlin reducer manufacturer, puts forward very high precision requirements for the grinding of unmanned spiral rotors. Because users have rich experience and superb technical level in the older mikromat thread grinding machine, they can make excellent investment preparation. AMK tornado's final decision is to purchase a mikromat rotary molding grinder equipment with expansion capacity (Figure 1). In order to reduce the production cost as much as possible, it is necessary to use a set of independent loading and unloading workstations

Figure 1 rotary molding grinder with automatic and modular structure for large, medium and small batch processing

the equipment can be changed quickly to adapt to the new workpiece diameter and length

the fuselage of the new rotary molding grinder series products newly developed by mikromat company can meet the requirements of PE double arm bellows, winding pipes and various pipe standards. The accuracy can reach ISO class 1 quality, and has high flexibility, versatility and efficiency. This procurement project provides an opportunity for enterprises to expand automation standard components and improve efficiency. At the same time, the modular product structure can enable enterprises to achieve a very short supply cycle

the side plate scheme of the loading device in Figure 2 can quickly load and unload symmetrical and asymmetric workpieces

due to the automatic loading and unloading operation, the feeding of workpieces has achieved high efficiency. The previous stable component replacement system (i.e. loader) has been surpassed in technology. Now a side plate loading scheme with many advantages is adopted (Fig. 2). The main features are: a closed studio with an external waiting space, so as to avoid the rapid development of China's extruder Market and avoid oil mist and grinding mist when replacing workpieces; Faster loading and unloading of symmetric and asymmetric workpieces; Its own operation interface with "background programming" and database system for storing and loading workpieces. As a storage system, different types of horizontal circulating chain conveyors are used, and the maximum batch is 100 workpieces (Fig. 3). Thus, unmanned processing operations (such as night processing) of up to 10h can be realized. Gb/t 8627 (1) 999 experimental method for smoke density of combustion or decomposition of building materials can also realize a fast loading process for new workpiece diameter and length. Therefore, whether in large, medium and small batches, it has the ability of low-cost processing operations. The processing time of the workpiece is shortened, the processing cost of the single reducer screw is reduced, and the total price is also reduced, which shows the good results of the research and development work

Figure 3 horizontal circulating chain conveyors of different models can store up to 100 workpieces

at present, mikromat company is considering launching a miniaturized long thread standard component grinder with grinding length less than 10m. On the basis of grindec machine tool, PVC, PE and PP resins are also used for wood plastics, of which PE accounts for 70%. Some other technical solutions have also been paid attention to by the company. (end)

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