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"Competing with Germany" China paper released the new core concept of corporate culture

release date: 2020 - especially the electrical control system

on January 17, China paper released the upgraded core concept of corporate culture at the 2020 work conference and the first nine workers' Congress. The new core concept is "to be civilized, to be virtuous, to compete for natural selection, and to be new and far-reaching". On this basis, a brand-new enterprise slogan "to compete for new things in Germany" is proposed

in 2005, China's paper industry entered the paper packaging industry, constantly carrying out "mergers and acquisitions, restructuring of three test pieces; cold drawn low-carbon steel wire solder joints, integration and improvement", promoting "resource capitalization, asset capitalization and capital securitization", realizing the important transformation from "multi investment" to "combination of investment and industrial management", and leaping into the top ten large state-owned enterprises in the national paper industry, It has become the only central enterprise focusing on "production, development and utilization of Forest Pulp and paper". In the arduous reform of state-owned enterprises and fierce market competition, China's paper industry has gradually established an enterprise culture of "natural selection, survival of the fittest, openness and innovation, and the pursuit of excellence". In an industry dominated by private enterprises and fully competitive, several old state-owned enterprises have been fully integrated and upgraded to create a modern enterprise with market competitiveness. The achievements of the development of China's paper industry have proved that the unique cultural values are an important basis for promoting the Evergreen Foundation of enterprises. At present, China's economy is developing in the direction of high-quality development, and China's paper industry is entering a new stage of development in a new state. The original corporate culture has completed the historical tasks of a specific period. Enterprises should have a new corporate culture, endow enterprises with new connotation, show the new spiritual outlook of enterprises and enable new development vision. The upgrading of corporate culture is inevitable

in 2019, with the help of internationally renowned consulting companies, after nearly a year of sorting, summarizing and refining, China paper repositioned its corporate culture and launched a new corporate culture system with "competing for the new with Germany" as the core. The new corporate culture and core concepts inherited and expanded the original "16 character" corporate culture connotation of China paper, refined and formed cultural values in the new era, Form a unique Chinese paper enterprise culture. It is understood that China's paper industry has identified 2020 as the "year of corporate culture", and the new corporate culture will be promoted and implemented throughout the Department. I believe it will help you in a certain way

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