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The policy interpretation of the Tianjin AI "seven chain" precise innovation action plan (2018-2020)

I. the background of policy formulation has driven the demand for ternary materials

at present, a new round of scientific and technological revolution and industrial reform is sprouting, and the rapid development of AI will profoundly change human social life and the world. In order to seize the major strategic opportunities for the development of artificial intelligence, based on the basic advantages of big data, cloud computing, chips and so on, the city has taken software and information services as the application core in recent years, promoted the transformation of achievements in the field of intelligent science and technology, comprehensively promoted the strategic layout of the artificial intelligence industry, and initially formed an independent and controllable information system, intelligent security, big data, advanced communication, intelligent car Seven industrial chains, including industrial robots and intelligent terminals (hereinafter referred to as "seven chains"), will gradually establish and improve the innovation ecosystem of artificial intelligence industry around the "seven chains"

II. Objectives and tasks

this time, our city issued the action plan, which aims to develop a number of major basic software and hardware products around seven industrial chains, break through a number of key common technologies and "killer" products, key new products, cultivate a number of leading AI technology enterprises, and build national or provincial innovation platforms. Accelerate the application of "Ai +" to promote the integration and development of AI and various industries, form a number of application demonstration models that can be popularized and replicated, and preliminarily build Tianjin into China's AI innovation center, a new highland of AI industry clusters, and a national AI innovation and application city

III. main contents

the action plan is divided into four parts

(I) general idea

closely focus on the development of strategic emerging industries in our city and the need to build a highland for the development of intelligent technology industry, connect with major national science and technology projects, deploy major science and technology projects related to the overall situation and the long term, integrate high-quality scientific and technological resources at home and abroad, build a national leading innovation center for intelligent technology industry and build Tianjin smart port according to the overall deployment of the "2345" plan, Promote AI to become a new engine for the construction of "one base and three areas"

(II) development goals

by 2020, develop a number of major basic software and hardware products, develop 100 key common technologies and "killer" products, 150 key new products, and enter the national layout in 3 to 5 key areas; Cultivate 10 leading AI technology enterprises, including 5 "international" brand enterprises in the segmented field and 5 "top three" enterprises in China; Build 2-3 national or ministerial innovation platforms

(III) key tasks

closely focus on the "seven chains", and in view of the shortcomings of the industrial chain, implement six projects, such as "organic chain", "supporting excellence and strengthening", "complementing and lengthening", "platform construction", "introducing talents and enterprises" and "Industrial Agglomeration", so as to promote the formation of organic chains in the seven industrial chains. From small chains to companies, they also mainly tilt the large chains to these two fields, extend the industrial chain, and promote the development of industrial agglomeration, Construct an artificial intelligence industry innovation ecosystem

(IV) organizational safeguard measures

strengthen the support of policy and fund services, comprehensively use fiscal and financial policies, plan the special funds for science and technology plans, the special funds for the development of scientific and technological enterprises, the special funds for intelligent manufacturing, the 100 billion level intelligent industry fund group, etc., and increase the support for the field of human intelligence; Strengthen the intellectual support of talents, establish an expert consultation group, and make full use of the action plan of "Haihe talents"; Provide the application scenarios and market space for the price game between coal and electricity enterprises

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