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Harvesting, preservation and packaging of pomelo

1. Harvesting period and methods: the harvesting period is from early November to late November, and the Tibetan fruit is harvested before the middle of November. Pick the fruit after the dew is dry on a sunny day. When picking the fruit, use the "one fruit two cutting method", that is, cut the fruit handle 1-3 cm first, and then cut it flat at the place where the fruit handle is flush with the fruit shoulder. The harvested fruits should be handled with care to avoid bruises and falls

2. Postharvest medicine for sterilization and fresh-keeping. Within 2 days after harvest, the fruit should be soaked in liquid with 70% methyltobuzine 1000 times liquid or terketol 500 times liquid or 50% carbendazim 500 times, plus 200ppm2, 4-D sodium salt, soaked for 2-3 seconds, with the whole fruit soaked as the degree, picked up and dried, and wrapped after 5-7 days

3. Single fruit packaging is 0.01-0.02MM thick and 35 wide × 26 cm polyethylene film bag single fruit packaging to reduce weight loss and keep the fruit fresh and full

4. For indoor storage at normal temperature, choose a warehouse or house with natural ventilation. 7-10 days before pomelo is put into storage, spray the ground and walls with 4% bleach solution or 70% methyltobuzine 500 times diluent, or use sulfur powder (10 grams per cubic meter of volume) to burn, fumigate and disinfect closed doors and windows for 2 days, then ventilate and dry them for standby. After the floor of the warehouse is padded with wooden boards or bamboo rafts, put the fruits on the board in layers. Generally, the fruits can be stacked in 5-8 layers, and can also be loaded in baskets. The rotten fruits should be checked regularly in the management, and the rotten fruits should be taken out in time. Windows should be opened for ventilation according to the weather and the conditions of the warehouse, and water should be sprayed on the ground, so as to adjust the temperature and humidity of the warehouse

post harvest management of pomelo trees

1. Harvest fruit trees with more fruit bearing fertilizer than the grass squares used in traditional sand prevention and control, and apply 50kg rotten chicken manure or bran manure per plant 15 days before fruit picking

2. Pruning in winter can reduce the density of senescent branches, clustered branches, crossed branches, overlapping branches, etc. in the crown, and strengthen the cultivation to become fruiting mother branches. Dead branches and pest branches should be cut off. The vegetative branches and overgrown branches at the top shall be thinned year by year to make the fruit bearing part as close to the backbone branches as possible, so as to facilitate flowering and fruiting

3. Apply fertilizer outside the root, keep the leaves for winter, and spray 0.3% potassium dihydrogen phosphate or 800-1000 times of green flourishing potassium in combination with clearing the garden in winter, so as to restore the tree vigor after fruit harvest and protect the green leaves for winter

4. Prevention and control of red spider and other pests. Spray pesticides in time according to the pest situation forecast. It can be sprayed with 1500-2500 times of 50% tolk wettable powder, 2000-4000 times of 73% clotter emulsifiable concentrate or 1000-2000 times of 5% nissulan emulsifiable concentrate. Pay attention to the uniform wetting of the leaf surface and back

5. The trunk is painted white, and "huaguoling" and other flower promoters are sprayed according to the tree potential. The fruit trees with vigorous growth are sprayed with "huaguoling" flower promoters from mid to late November to December to promote nutrient accumulation and flower bud differentiation

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