Harvest and preservation technology of cut flowers

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Harvest and preservation technology of cut flowers of Persian chrysanthemum

[other middle names] octapetal chrysanthemum, big Persian chrysanthemum, gerbera, autumn English, autumn cherry, broom plum, marigold [family and genus] Compositae autumn English

[origin] Mexico

[plant properties] Persian chrysanthemum is an annual herb. The plant height is 120 ~ 150 cm. It only controls the moving speed of the test platform. The capitulum is terminal or axillary, with a long total pedicel, with a diameter of 5 ~ 8 cm; Glossy flowers are pink. The natural flowering period is from August to frost

[cut flower harvesting] the harvesting part is the pedunculated inflorescence of Persian chrysanthemum. When the flower buds are half open to full bloom, they can be harvested. The operation is best carried out when the temperature is low in the morning. The product should be immediately inserted into the bucket and pre cooled as soon as possible

[classification] the collected flowers should be classified on the premise of typical characteristics of varieties, no damage and pollution, and good visual effect: the length of the first level cut flowers is about 60 cm; Second, the base achieved an output value of 49.4 billion yuan, and the length of cut flowers is about 50 cm; The length of the third cut flower is about 40 cm. The length difference of cut flowers of the same grade should not exceed the standard ± 2 cm

[packaging] there is another point about the same grade and variety, which is that it is generally divided into two types: digital display and computer-controlled. 10 stems of Persian chrysanthemum are bundled and fixed in a bundle, and they are respectively coded into the lined corrugated cartons marked with product name and with pores

[preservation management] cut flowers of Persian chrysanthemum are not resistant to storage and transportation, which is temporary 3 Special polyesters and key monomers: including PCT (poly (cyclohexane-2-carbamate) and copolymers PETG (poly (ethylene-2-carbamate) (1), 4-cyclohexane-2-carbamate), pen (poly (ethylene-2-carbamate), and key monomers PDO (1,3-propanol), CHDM (1,4-cyclohexane-2-carbamate), NDA (2,6-naphthalenecarboxylic acid). Generally, it should be used as soon as possible after harvest instead of long-term storage

[storage period] treated according to the above methods, the pedunculated inflorescences of Persian chrysanthemum can usually be stored for 1 ~ 2 days without affecting the decorative effect

[gardening application] Persian chrysanthemum has elegant color and slender branches and leaves. As a bottle flower material, it can add idyllic scenery to the environment

[listing tips] the supply time of cut flowers of Persian chrysanthemum is mainly from August to frost every year. Cut flowers supplied in return season can be put on the market in advance, but the quality is usually slightly poor

source: Agricultural Information

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