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Grasp the harvest time of shrimp, that is to say, fresh-keeping packaging treatment. First, the harvest of shrimp

the conditions that determine the harvest time of shrimp are the specification, climatic conditions, market demand, price and health status of shrimp. According to the growth characteristics of shrimp and the international market demand, shrimp should be at least 12 cm long and weigh 20 grams before leaving the pool, otherwise it will not be like shrimp. Generally speaking, the larger the individual is, the higher the price is, and large-scale shrimp should be cultivated as far as possible


climatic conditions are an important natural condition that restricts shrimp farming. Premature harvest affects the yield, too late harvest reduces the water temperature, and enterprises that are not doing the preliminary work of ABS Project should adopt this new technology and process. Only the growth of shrimp is slow or stops growing, but also the survival rate and yield of shrimp will be reduced due to the influence of disease and enemy, and there is a risk of freezing to death by the cold wave. Harvest timely according to the changes of temperature and water temperature. Penaeus chinensis should start shrimp in the first and middle of October when the water temperature drops to about 12 ℃. Shrimp harvest in the three northern provinces can be postponed until October. In the south of Fujian, there are no seasonal restrictions, and it can be cultivated almost every year. Penaeus monodon and prawn Moji generally collect shrimp when the water temperature drops to 18 ℃

before the festive Festival, the market demand is large and the shrimp price rises. At this time, part of the shrimp can be collected to supply the market, which reduces the density of shrimp storage and is also conducive to the later growth of shrimp. When the pond is seriously polluted, the water quality is difficult to adjust, or the shrimp in the pond has white spot baculovirus disease (2) before the experiment, the shrimp should be collected as soon as possible, so as to avoid the loss caused by the lack of harvest when a large number of diseases occur

II. Fresh keeping treatment of shrimp

when the harvested shrimp cannot be sent to the processing site in time, fresh-keeping treatment should be carried out immediately. At present, shrimp preservation adopts ice fresh method to keep the shrimp body at a temperature close to 0 ℃. Frozen fresh should be timely. Due to the large water content of shrimp, there is more soluble nitrogen in the tissue, which will delay the frozen fresh time, and microorganisms will propagate and spread, reducing the freshness of shrimp. Ice fresh usually adopts the method of mixed packing of ice and shrimp. First wash the shrimp body with clean water (wash it timely and thoroughly, but don't flush it too hard and take too long), and then add ice after washing. Crushed ice is needed to keep fresh. Borneol is better than crushed ice, because borneol doesn't hurt the shrimp body and is evenly distributed, which generally won't cause deicing. The harvested prawns stored in ice can generally maintain good freshness

source: China fishery trade

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