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Have you noticed that some food packages are marked with "allergy" tips

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core tips: on the outer packaging of stereotyped food and prepackaged food, some are marked with the words and contents of "allergen"; Some only indicate in the food ingredients that the price rises and then rises, and the food containing allergenic ingredients; Some clearly put "allergy tips" on the ingredient list or adjacent positions

[China Packaging News] on the outer packaging of stereotyped food and prepackaged food, some are marked with the words and contents of allergens; Some only note 2 in food ingredients Transmission system: the function of the transmission system is to drive the screw to clear the food containing allergenic ingredients; Some clearly give allergy tips in the ingredient list or adjacent positions. A few days ago, in the investigation and visit of various supermarkets, it was noted that due to various reasons, there are many missing words of allergy in the outer packaging of food. Most of them only indicate the nutritional composition and content, and the words of allergen do not appear. Even if there are some reminders, there are all kinds of reminders, and only a few can achieve the role of alertness

in daily life, many citizens have allergies to some foods due to personal physical reasons, such as lactose intolerance, drinking milk and diarrhea; Some people have rashes and asthma after eating eggs or peanuts. The content of food labels is very important to them. In a large supermarket dealing in imported food, I saw a box of butter biscuits from France. On the translated Chinese label, the allergen information was highlighted in bold black font: it contained wheat and milk; This production line also processes eggs, nuts and sesame products

according to experts from the Municipal Department of industry and commerce, because some raw materials or ingredients in food will induce allergic reactions after being eaten by specific people, one of the effective preventive measures is to mark the food allergens contained or possibly contained in the food labels, so as to remind consumers with a history of allergy to choose their own food. Allergen tips are therefore needed, mainly to give consumers an extra right to know, reflecting respect for consumers and a negative attitude of producers

it is understood that one of the recommended labeling contents in the general principles for the labeling of prepackaged food implemented by the Ministry of health as early as April 2012 is the implementation of packaging labeling allergens from 2013. The general rule also lists eight categories of foods that may cause allergies: grains and their products containing gluten (such as wheat, rye, barley, oats, spelt wheat or their hybrid strains); Fish and its products; Eggs and their products; Crustaceans and their products (such as shrimp, lobster, crab, etc.); Peanuts and their products; Soybeans and their products; Milk and dairy products (including lactose); Nuts and nut products

according to experts, there are no relevant mandatory requirements on food allergy tips in this regulation, and the identification of allergens is not one of the national mandatory standards for food safety at present, so it is only implemented as a recommended specification at present. With the progress of society and the development of enterprises, more and more suggestions have been put forward, and the provisions on allergy tips on food packaging will be gradually improved

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