Have you realized the value that CRM brings to the

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Have you realized the value that CRM brings to the enterprise

tony- the customer relationship management manager of the marketing center of a domestic FMCG enterprise. He is in charge of the newly established customer relationship management department. When the CRM department was established at the beginning of the year, the enterprise leaders gave high expectations and promised to give strong support to this business, claiming that whatever resources they need, they can do it. Tony felt at that time that "with such a good platform and such strong support from leaders, we must do a lot and make some achievements."

half a year has passed, and all work has just begun. The CRM system project has not yet been launched. The budget of 10 personnel planned at the beginning of the year has also been temporarily adjusted to 4. Have leaders lost confidence in CRM? Will this department be abolished? What is the value of this department in the enterprise? How to evaluate the performance of this department

tony began to find a solution with these questions. After communicating with peers, consulting senior customer relationship management experts and participating in various customer relationship training, Tony summarized a set of methods and ideas by himself. After communicating with leaders, he received good response and was asked to actively implement them. Tony felt that he had taken so many detours and found a new solution. He also wanted to share it with the distressed students

deeply understand the connotation of customer relationship management

Tony, who comes from a technical background, has a deep understanding of CRM system, and is very clear about the advantages of the system and the problems it can solve, but when it comes to reality, he finds that there seems to be some differences. The most powerful business department in the enterprise is the business department, especially the business department with good performance. It is really difficult for CRM department to do some things step by step. The overall level of employees is not very high, and the enterprise culture is not very interested in customer management and CRM system. The most concerned is the enterprise performance. It is difficult to realize your idea by launching a CRM system project, but what is CRM? How to do customer relationship management in an enterprise? How to guide the CRM application of the enterprise? Is there something wrong with your understanding

after careful study, Tony found that it was a little different from his previous understanding, which was a little one-sided. CRM should be a management method to help organizations find and meet the needs of society or human beings, so that organizations can obtain long-term benefits, let alone fire performance benefits. The application of CRM in enterprises is to help enterprises, but the system will trigger the industry to realize the transformation from "product centric" to "customer-centric" enterprises by ultraviolet light sources that can be detected in the visible spectrum. CRM is to create intangible advantages for enterprises that are difficult to be imitated by competitors through long-term customer relations. CRM application in an enterprise should be a crmprogram (customer relationship management plan), rather than a simple CRM project. It may be many different CRM projects, such as customer data integration, customer data cleaning, customer recruitment, customer research, etc., which may take several years to realize. Its core is to understand customers, segment customers, provide customized services for different customers, and maximize the satisfaction of customer needs in order to maximize the income of the organization

crm management connotation needs to be instilled in all levels of the enterprise for a long time to form a "customer-centric" business culture in the enterprise

tony also found that the formation of relevant theories of CRM has only been more than 10 years, and it is still in a stage of rapid development. CRM practitioners at home and abroad are actively making their own contributions to the development of CRM. It seems that every CRM practitioner needs to actively study and summarize, and work together to explore and improve the relevant content of CRM

regulate the complex CRM work in enterprises

tony found that the CRM work in enterprises was very cumbersome when he re understood the customer relationship management in enterprises. What customer segmentation, member recruitment, customer knowledge, customer process, customer experience 2 is to improve support policies, customer care, customer loyalty, customer satisfaction, customer promotion, customer retention, customer complaints... Wow, my God! How to carry out so much content and work? What is the relationship between them? How does it work? How to coordinate with traditional functional departments

continue to learn, Tony found that CRM work in the enterprise probably includes three aspects. The first is the independent system of customer relationship management, including strategic planning, daily CRM work, CRM evaluation, etc; The second is the supporting system of customer relationship management, mainly related processes, personnel and organizations, as well as information technology and systems. The third is the third-party evaluation system of customer relationship management, which tests the advantages and disadvantages of CRM work of the enterprise through customer experience, and compares it with competitors

strategy and plan

tony found that the implementation of CRM requires clear objectives, which is very similar to the management of enterprise functional departments. The goal and vision of CRM should be consistent with the business goal and vision of the enterprise, and serve the unified goal and vision of the enterprise. Just as many enterprises are carrying out brand value positioning, customer value positioning is also the core of CRM work in the future (for example, Wyeth's CVP is that consumers do not buy milk powder, they buy hope for children). Based on the current situation of enterprise customer relationship management, the formulation of CRM strategy needs to be divided into long-term, medium-term and short-term. The corresponding action plan has been formulated for CRM strategy. Every action plan is the basis of daily CRM work. Of course, these strategies and plans should be communicated and improved with other relevant departments of the enterprise

daily customer relationship management

daily CRM work mainly runs through the whole life cycle of customers, followed by customer attraction, customer acquisition, customer transaction, customer retention, and customer loyalty. According to the strategy and action plan of the enterprise in different periods, the focus of work will be different. At present, Tony's own company focuses on member recruitment, which is to realize the continuous increase of the number of customers. CRM department does not directly interact with customers. These tasks need to be completed in cooperation with other functional departments (such as callcenter, stores, marketing, after-sales service, etc.). Tony has many business departments, and the communication efficiency of the normal process is not high. Tony took the initiative to request to temporarily set up a position of internal communication director to deal with such problems

customer analysis is of great concern to the bosses of many enterprises. The bosses hope to find new platforms from the interactive data of customers. 1. On the one hand, compared with domestic instruments and foreign advanced instruments of the same type, they can help enterprises expand and seize market share. Tony also saw and heard a lot, such as the story of beer and diapers, the "no stop check-out" service in the hotel industry, and also found that these are masterpieces of excellent customer relationship management, the value experience of CRM work, and the goal he is striving to pursue

crm evaluation

if there is a goal plan, there must be evaluation to supervise and evaluate the effectiveness of CRM work. Here is an overall CRM application evaluation, including the performance evaluation of relevant personnel, the performance evaluation of marketing activities, the performance evaluation of other relevant channels and the performance evaluation of overall customer relationship management. Tony found that due to the different management stages of each enterprise, how to set appropriate KPIs for customer relationship management is very important, which is the guarantee to ensure the realization of the overall strategy

process, organization, technology and system

the supporting system of customer relationship management is mainly process, personnel organization and information system. These contents are also the contents that need to be completed in different stages of the enterprise crmprogram. Relevant business departments need to participate in the sorting and optimization of processes. Customer relationship management personnel penetrate into the business departments of the enterprise that contact customers. The work content and key assessment indicators need to be improved step by step. The information system is very clear to Tony, but as an experience sharing, it should be mentioned that a good system can get twice the result with half the effort, but the success or failure of a system construction cannot affect the construction of the whole CRM plan

customer experience management

customer experience management seems to be a very popular content at present. In the commercial society with serious product homogenization, customers pay more and more attention to details and the experience brought by each enterprise and each service. The customer relationship management established by enterprises is to manage customers from the perspective of enterprises, and involves some private information of customers. Customers are becoming more and more picky, and it is easy to change from one brand to another. Enterprises have spent a lot of energy and resources on the construction of customer relationship management, but how about the construction effect? Does the customer buy? Are customers still turning to competitors

tony found that CEM (customerexperiencemanagement) can easily solve this difference between enterprises and customers. Through questionnaires, customer discussions, mystery customers and other methods, he can find the contact points that customers care about, and regularly independently or invite customers to test the situation of these contact points, and compare with competitors to find his ignorance and advantages, so as to improve the customer experience in the next stage, And CRM construction

the value that CRM brings to enterprises

the value of CRM in enterprises will be different for enterprises with different business models. Some enterprises use it to retain key customers, some to optimize the sales process and sales forecast, and some to improve the response speed and service quality of customer service. For the FMCG industry, it helps to improve customer/member loyalty, increase the membership base, increase the total amount of customer purchases, increase the frequency of customer purchases, and promote enterprise business innovation

Tony has seriously considered and practiced the value of CRM in the enterprise. Tony clearly knows that the easiest effect of CRM in the enterprise is in enterprise marketing. It is easy to reduce the marketing cost through customer segmentation, or the effect will double under the premise of the same cost; Or product promotion aimed at segmented customer groups will be more targeted

while analyzing these experiences, Tony is planning and implementing the year-end promotional activities of core regular customers, and hopes that this activity can have rich harvest


after a period of painful struggle and hard study, Tony basically has a relatively clear understanding of the internal customer relationship management of the enterprise, and has a relatively clear solution to the troubles mentioned above. His future work goals are clearer and clearer, and he is more and more confident in his future work. I also hope that those who read this document can gain something. Experience sharing, common learning and common progress. (end)

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