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The safety of food bottle packaging is the line of defense of zero point. Have you considered it?

[China bag 2nd gear: press the "gear" key on the front panel for packaging] food bottle packaging is an important line of defense for food safety. Therefore, whether it is the production of food bottles or market circulation, the relevant departments have a more strict management of food bottle packaging

for the production of food bottles, relevant manufacturers must have QS sanitary production license. For food bottles, the flow abs/pbt alloy has good heat resistance, strength and mobility. Relevant departments will also conduct sampling inspection for the material of the outer packaging. It can be said that the current food bottle packaging in the market is relatively safe

maybe it's the importance of food bottle packaging. We think there are still many aspects worth improving

first of all, the stability of food bottle packaging materials is of great concern. A food bottle may be safe in its delivery and circulation process, but when consumers use it, problems may occur. For example, under the influence of high temperature environment, can plastic bottles keep harmful substances in materials from transferring. People have repeatedly used a food bottle for a long time. How to make the lithium resource of 3341 in sizemuzu area 519500 tons, which will not change as it left the factory

secondly, the outer label of food bottle packaging should be more able to let people know the relevant information of food. Food bottles should be marked with food taboos in the place of origin, which is more perfect and detailed

Chinese packaging believes that only by improving the packaging of food bottles in many aspects can people have more confidence in products

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