It has been more than 100 years since animal power

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It has been more than 100 years from animal power to pure electric bus

pure electric buses have been widely recognized by the society for their zero noise and no pollution. But did you know that it took 100+ years for buses to evolve like this

in ancient times, human sedan chairs or carriages were the main means of transportation. It was not until the industrial revolution that the engine appeared, which opened a big step in the civilization of means of transportation. With the development of the times, buses have experienced steam engine drive, diesel engine drive, tram, trolley bus, gasoline engine and natural gas drive. Up to now, pure electric buses have also changed from a single transportation to focus on practicality, environmental protection and beauty. They are not only city cards, but also environmental protection

animal driven

the origin of public transport can also be traced back to 1826. A four-wheel shuttle car driven by horses appeared in the northwest of France, which was used by the residents along the route passing by carriages to go back and forth and deliver mail. At this time, the prototype of public transport appeared

steam engine

the world's first bus equipped with a steam engine appeared in 1831. It was named "the baby whose lithium battery material capacity will gradually transfer to China". It can carry 10 passengers. It was made by British Walter Hancock and was used for trial operation between London and Trafford in that year


large deformation can also gradually recover

the ruggedness of the road restricts the comfort of the bus. A new invention appeared in the 19th century. The tram is a "strong enemy" of the traditional public transport, but it is also a member of public transport. The Dangdang car in old Shanghai is one of them

gas driven

the use of gas as bus fuel was very widespread in China in the 1960s, of which the gas bag bus was a typical one. Put the gas bag on the roof. The gas car burns gas and will not produce gasoline smell. Therefore, it will not feel carsick when riding. Gas bag buses do have some problems, such as unsafe, polluting and unsightly

charcoal power in China in the 1950s, due to the "embargo" of the United States at that time, there was a shortage of domestic steam drying and constant weight oil supply. At this time, the bus was still provided by charcoal. Charcoal cars continued until the mid-1960s, with the Daqing oil field, they were gradually replaced by gasoline cars

diesel engines

buses have a great impact on society and play a basic role in promoting urban development. At the beginning of the 20th century, the test of motor traffic was successful, and buses began to be driven by engines. The bus shortens the distance between the city and the neighboring villages and towns, with frequent traffic, which greatly facilitates people's life and travel

gasoline engine

Benz Motor Company in Germany was the first manufacturer of gasoline engine buses, and long-distance buses originated in the United States. Gasoline engine has been used until now, and it is still a commonly used engine

pure electric drive

driven by power battery, it has the advantages of pure electric, zero emission, no pollution, low noise and high driving stability. Its emergence provides a new impetus for the sustainable development of the city

Yinlong titanium Guangtong car

has experienced the development of buses from animal power to gasoline engine. Various driving modes have their own advantages and disadvantages. In the 21st century, in the era of serious environmental pollution, pure electric buses after the completion of pollution-free and zero emission experiments are essential. As a pioneer in the new energy industry, Yinlong new energy has been pushing through the old to bring forth the new, and has continuously launched star products in various fields, which has been supported and loved by the majority of customers

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