It has been scientifically proved that the hottest

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It has been proved by science that "a man can raise a pot for three years and a pot for a lifetime"

"people raise pots for three years, and pots raise people for a lifetime", has been scientifically confirmed

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1. When you click this article, I believe that you must be a friend who pays great attention to life taste and likes practical works of art with elegant temperament and strong cultural tradition

2. The cultural characteristics and spiritual functions contained in the purple clay pot are also unique. The shapes of the purple clay pot are rich and varied, either exquisite, thought-provoking, or bold and generous, which makes people relaxed and happy. In addition, the meaningful poems and paintings engraved on the surface of the pot add a strong scholarly atmosphere. The aesthetic characteristics of the purple clay pot are cultural factors

3. The combination of calligraphy, seal cutting and painting in the purple clay pot is a collection of the essence of Chinese culture

4. Purple sand plastic arts unify the essence of many Chinese cultures and form an extremely elegant cultural and artistic temperament

old shopkeeper monologue

Hello, everyone. I am a shopkeeper, 56 years old, from Yixing, Jiangsu Province. I have been an old craftsman of purple clay pots for most of my life

I am old and in poor health, so I have not been in the workshop in recent years. Now I mainly do the business of authentic purple clay pots. I have signed several good purple clay pot craftsmen in Yixing. After the mineral material test is completed, it is processed with authentic purple clay from local mines. I won't go. My daughter and son-in-law supply goods to some physical stores in Shanghai and help me sell them in my circle of friends

I have always believed that helping pot friends buy authentic and good purple clay pots is to cultivate their morality and mind, and accumulate happiness and virtue. In addition, I also hope to help you understand purple sand and love purple sand. Whether you choose our purple sand pot or not, I hope the knowledge of purple sand in the store can help you choose and distinguish the real purple sand

in ancient times, purple sand was by no means an ordinary technological raw material. It carried the culture of traditional Chinese tea Buddhism. Making purple sand was not only a simple skill, but also a blessing and piety. To be honest, I hope you choose my purple sand works, not only because of the business, but also because you don't like the purple sand Market. At present, the market is full of many low-cost chemical pots and mold pots, which not only disturb the market but also endanger the health of consumers. This is a blasphemy against purple sand crafts and ancestors

I hope you can add me and know something about purple clay. You won't buy a fake purple clay pot

persistence: only real Yixing purple clay

◆ persistence: traditional handicraft

why is Yixing purple clay pot so famous? The real reason is that the purple sand produced in Yixing has good texture, high iron content, good water absorption and exhaust rate after firing. It can be used to make tea with good color, aroma and taste. Therefore, the first criterion to judge a good pot is whether the clay is authentic and whether it is Yixing raw ore purple sand. Conscience makes kettle, keep away from chemical kettle

how to choose a pot

there are many kinds of purple clay pots, so how to choose a good pot? Fang run suggests that you carefully select from the five aspects of "mud, shape, work, money and work"


according to the analysis of modern science, the molecular structure of purple clay pot is indeed different from that of other mud. Even the same purple clay has different structures, with slight differences. In this way, due to different raw materials, they bring different functional effects and give people different senses

those with good function and utility are of high quality, otherwise, the quality is poor; Those with good senses are of high quality, while those with poor senses are of poor quality. Therefore, the first thing to evaluate a purple clay pot is the quality of mud. Compared with other pottery clay, purple sand has a remarkable feature that it feels different. Touching non purple sand objects is like touching glassy objects - sticky hands, while touching purple sand objects is like touching bean paste - fine but not greasy, very comfortable. Therefore, it is very important to evaluate the handle of a purple clay pot.


how to evaluate these shapes is also "different people see different people, different people see different wisdom". Each person has his own love and cannot be forced. There are countless types of purple clay pots. We should not follow the same path and think which type is good or bad. Just like an art genre, there is no distinction between good and bad, but the performance of this genre can show the pros and cons. In my opinion, antiquity is the best, generosity is the second, elegance is the second, and taste is the second. Why? Because the purple clay pot is part of the whole tea culture, the artistic conception it pursues should be the artistic conception pursued by the tea ceremony: "indifferent to peace, transcendent from vulgarity", and Guzhuo is the most harmonious with this atmosphere, so Guzhuo is the best

Points, lines and surfaces are the basic elements of the shape of the purple clay pot. In the forming process of the purple clay pot, they must be explained clearly, just like the fine brushwork painting. They must be explained clearly when starting to write, turning twists and turns, and cadence. Light is light on the face, and hair is hair; The line must be straight and curved; Point, square when necessary, round when necessary, without any ambiguity. Otherwise, it is not a good pot. According to the special requirements of purple clay pot forming process, the spout and handle should be absolutely in line, and the weight should be balanced; The pot mouth shall be tightly combined with the pot cover. This is also the requirement of "workers"

the pure hand-made purple sand tea set is very different from the machine-made one. The workmanship is really fine, the overall appearance is beautiful, and the surface of the pot feels rough


historically, purple clay pots are priced by people, and famous pots are worth hundreds of times. Especially in the commodity society. In this way, many imitations of famous masters are easy to appear in the market, and forged forgeries are common. You need to be careful when choosing famous pots


the biggest difference between purple clay pot and other works of art is that it is a highly practical work of art. Its "art" is all about "taste" in "use". If the meaning of "use" is lost, art will no longer exist. Therefore, we must not ignore the functional beauty of the pot

[functional beauty of purple clay pot]

1. Moderate capacity

2. Appropriate height

3. Tight lid

4. Smooth water flow

according to the current tea drinking habits of people in southern China (including Hong Kong and Taiwan), generally two to five people will drink together, and the best volume is 350 ml. Its capacity is just about four cups. It only takes one hand to touch the hand, so it is called "one hand pot". The height of the purple clay pot is different. The high pot is small, and it is suitable to brew black tea such as banning one-time plastic bags and taxing consumers; If the pot is short and big, it is suitable to brew green tea, but it must be moderate. If it is too high, the tea will lose its flavor, and if it is too low, the tea will easily overflow from the lid, which will make the scenery very bad. There is also a problem that the spout of the pot doesn't flow smoothly. A few very small pearl teas are all big leaves in the pot, which are easy to block the outflow. At present, the pot has changed the name of the spout to independence according to the habit of tea drinkers, making the water flow significantly smoother than before. The lid of the pot is required to be tight, so that the water can fall into the tea sea without falling into the pot. It seems that it has little to do with the functional beauty. In fact, it is for the sake of hygiene, so it should be mentioned. All these are public standards

purple clay pot culture

one of the most important factors for the origin, development and fame of the art of purple clay pot in Yixing is its unique high-quality and famous purple clay. There are many purple clay producing areas. Why is Yixing's purple clay pot so famous? The real reason is that the purple sand produced in Yixing has good texture and high iron content. After being fired, it has good water absorption and exhaust rate. It can be used to make tea with good color, aroma and taste. Therefore, to judge whether it is a good pot, the first criterion is whether the clay is genuine Yixing raw mine purple sand

the beautiful Yixing town carries the dream of pot makers, which is both life and love. It is better to inherit a craft than to make a pot

thank nature for her gifts. She has created human wealth with her many holes. China is proud of purple sand and Yixing is proud of you

in my own backyard and old house, I bought purple sand raw mines. After selection, they were piled here in the open air for weathering. After a long time, they were covered with weeds. Now, in order to save time and resources, many businesses buy mud directly from the mud mill. However, the mud in the mill is either prone to fakes, or is not weathered or stale enough. They are still confident in purchasing and making their own mud

selecting clay is a must-have job every day. Good pots must use good materials! The stale room is very fastidious. The proper temperature must be guaranteed. Do not open the door at will

insist on selling only real purple sand

keep the original color of purple sand

everyone says that purple sand has deep water, but I am a straight-minded person and don't like detours. My ancestors have four generations of pot making families and have certain feelings for purple sand, but no one is perfect and no gold is enough. Purple sand products have their own characteristics in the firing process. It is impossible to make every pot exactly the same. No matter what problems you encounter, you can contact us at any time. We will certainly give you a satisfactory answer. Please forgive us for what you can't do

old shopkeeper's sincere words

1. Insist on selling real purple sand

a gentleman loves money and takes it in a right way. Since the day I learned art, I have followed the instructions of my father and grandparents, insisted on selling real purple sand, and never sold fakes to make huge profits. Craftsmen should cherish fame as much as they cherish life

second, insist on selling good goods

a good purple clay pot mainly depends on two aspects, one is good material, the other is good technology, and the quality of technology mainly depends on the craftsman's mentality. "Slow work makes fine work", which is also an attitude. In order to pursue the perfection of technology, we have to pay more time cost. I believe people who really understand purple clay will appreciate this attitude

III. insist on telling the truth

as for the problem between products and prices, I don't quite agree with the saying that "good goods are not cheap", especially in the purple clay industry, the price of many purple clay pots doubled after adding the titles of "senior engineer" and "pure manual", but the fact is that many friends were cheated. I am not a master, but I have been making pots for 30 years, and my skills are no worse than those of a master. My original intention of this shop is to restore the real price of purple sand

insist on selling only real purple sand, resolutely restrain the chemical pot, and keep the original color of purple sand

making purple sand is not only a skill, but also a blessing and piety, which can not be blasphemed

the superior raw ore bottom trough green mud received from peers a few years ago can be seen clearly on the surface. Now it is difficult to find it

the aged mud must be placed in a dry and closed environment; After three years' storage, the mud in the bottom trough is clear. It is highly plastic and the pot can not be cracked

first, the pot body should be well made. After careful modification, the appearance is as smooth as jade; The refined pot and handle, regardless of the small parts, are really the finishing touches

the neatness of the pot mouth directly affects the air tightness of the pot, so be cautious; Can imitate my pot, but can not imitate my signature, special seal

benefits of drinking tea in a purple clay pot

several methods to identify real purple clay

generally, the color of a real purple clay pot is monotonous but not fancy. Heavy but not bright, bright colors are often added with oxidized metals, which may have adverse effects on the body. In addition, during the firing process of the purple clay pot, there is a phenomenon that the retraction stroke can be reduced by 600-,

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