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The extensive enhancement of China Russia relations has become a trend that will attract the attention of the United States overseas May 20 the fourth summit of the conference on interaction and confidence building measures in Asia opened in Shanghai on May 20. The summit was attended by leaders, principals or representatives of 46 countries and international organizations, including 11 heads of state, 1 head of government and 10 heads of international organizations of plastic tensile test stand. This is also the largest meeting of CICA since its inception

in view of the fact that traditional disputes in Asia still exist, such as the Palestinian Israeli conflict and the Iranian nuclear issue, and that non-traditional security issues are becoming more serious and complex, such as terrorism, transnational crime, and cyber security, the CICA summit has attracted much attention. Foreign media also reported on the summit and paid close attention to the dynamics of the summit

the CICA summit is of great significance to counter-terrorism cooperation

an article published on May 17 in Japan's diplomatic scholar magazine said that since there is no security mechanism covering Asia at present, people hope that the CICA conference can become a model. In addition, CICA is also closely related to the issue of counter-terrorism

according to the article, CICA was initiated by Kazakh President Nazarbayev at the 47th United Nations General Assembly on October 5, 1992, but it was not until 10 years later, that is, 2002, that CICA held its first leaders' summit. The reason for the CICA leaders' summit was the "9.11" terrorist attack the previous year. Therefore, counter-terrorism has become an important topic of CICA, and this topic has been running through the CICA summit held later

the article believes that the 2014 CICA summit is also inseparable from the issue of counter-terrorism. In Western China, the current anti-terrorism situation is becoming more and more serious. Against this background, the CICA summit brought China and its western neighbors together to discuss counter-terrorism cooperation. Obviously, this has practical significance for China

the article points out that in the view of China and some Asian countries, external forces will seriously affect the security of Asia. Whether Asia can establish a multilateral security mechanism covering most countries may determine the future development direction of Asia. If CICA can meet this challenge, many countries will be happy to see this

China plays a key role in CICA

Pakistani President mamoon Hussain also believes that CICA is of great significance. According to Pakistan's international newspaper on May 20, Hussein was interviewed by Xinhua news agency before leaving for Shanghai to attend the CICA summit. He said, "CICA is a very important regional forum, which helps to enhance regional peace, security and stability." Hussein also said that Pakistan fully supports the objectives of the CICA

Hussain said that Pakistan hopes that Member States can strengthen the role of this forum in the future, and strive to translate the ideas and guiding principles of CICA into political and economic realities, so as to benefit the whole region

Hussain said that China will officially take over the presidency of CICA from 2014 to 2016, and also provide relatively perfect services. Pakistan is willing to extend its warmest congratulations to China. He believed that China would play a very important role in the CICA; In addition, he also hoped that during China's presidency of CICA, stability and cooperation in the region would be significantly improved

in addition, UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon also expressed support for China to host the 2014 CICA summit. According to the Anadolu news agency of Turkey on May 19, UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon met with Chinese Foreign Minister Wangyi before the opening of the CICA summit. Ban Ki Moon said, "I am very grateful to China for playing a constructive role in the process of world peace and development." Ban Ki Moon said that he is confident that the CICA summit will be a complete success and is very confident that China will assume the presidency of CICA from 2014 to 2016

the annual average growth rate of the CICA summit of the Chinese and Russian heads of state is 27.6% at the same time.

Russian President Vladimir Putin arrived in Shanghai on the morning of the 20th to begin a two-day state visit to China and attend the CICA summit in Shanghai. p>

according to an article in the international financial times, as Putin arrived in Shanghai to attend the two-day CICA summit, China Russia relations have reached an unprecedented level of smoothness. Through a series of measures in the economic, military and diplomatic fields, the cooperation between China and Russia has produced great synergy

the article points out that the Russian government has not ignored the significance of this geopolitical shift. In an interview with Chinese media, Putin said that Russia's position on major international issues is similar or even completely consistent with China's position. Putin also said that it is not too much to say that China Russia relations have reached the highest level in the history of exchanges between the two countries for centuries

the article says that the actions of China and Russia are consistent with Putin's words. The signing of the Sino Russian natural gas cooperation agreement has entered the final stage. After the signing of the agreement, by the end of the decade of this century, Russia's annual total natural gas transmission to China will reach 38billion cubic meters, and this figure may eventually reach 61billion cubic meters. In addition, last year, China signed a US $270billion agreement with Russia. According to the agreement, Russia's state-owned energy giant Rosneft will double its total oil exports to China. What is the system structure of the economic logic metal material testing machine that signed these agreements? Do you know? Today, StarTech will show you that it is obvious that Russia can diversify its energy exports and reduce its dependence on Europe. At present, the relationship between Russia and Europe is becoming increasingly tense

the article points out that China Russia friendship is not limited to the economic level. From May 20, China and Russia will conduct a 7-day joint military exercise in the East China Sea. Experts believe that this military exercise reflects the importance China and Russia attach to bilateral military cooperation

the article says that it is the worst time for the United States to enhance the friendship between China and Russia at this time. Crimea's accession to Russia has led to a sharp deterioration of us Russian relations, which may have reached the lowest point after the cold war. In addition, there are many contradictions in China US relations. The Sino Russian energy contract and joint military exercises are not in themselves intended to provoke the United States. However, the extensive enhancement of China Russia relations has become a trend, and the Obama administration will pay close attention to this trend

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